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The National Center for Fair & Open Testing (FairTest) works to end the misuses and flaws of standardized testing and to ensure that evaluation of students, teachers and schools is fair, open, valid and educationally beneficial.

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The rapidly growing assessment reform movement had many "wins" this year, according to a new FairTest report.

Another year of flat scores on the ACT, the nation’s most widely administered college admissions exam, provides further evidence that a decade of test-driven public school policies has not improved educational quality.

FairTest has compiled a chronology of testing problems by Pearson. You can see or download it by clicking read more below.

The changes may make the SAT appear more consumer-friendly. But they do not make it a better test. Most of the revisions are marketing bells and whistles. None address the exam's fundamental weaknesses. . .

This new infographic and fact sheet show that looming multi-state standardized exams will remain mostly multiple-choice, will be misused for high-stakes purposes, and will fail to help improve education.