Campaign for the Education of the Whole Child

K-12 Testing

The Massachusetts Alliance for the Education of the Whole Child released a report in January calling for a sharp reversal in school reform efforts away from a focus on high stakes testing and towards the education of the whole child. The report says, "By supporting the development of the whole child, we mean that schools must ensure every child has access to a rich array of subjects, including social studies, world languages, science, art, music, physical education, and recess, as well as reading and math. We mean that children's basic emotional and physical needs must be addressed so they are able to succeed in school and beyond."


The report was endorsed by 44 education, civil rights and civic groups. The report should be very useful not only in Massachusetts but nationally as it details the kinds of educational changes that should be made as a replacement to test-driven reform. Testing, the Alliance pointed out, leads to narrowing curriculum and instruction, damaging the overall education of many children.


FairTest staff took the lead in writing the report, which is available on the web at