College Board Focus on Small Annual Score Variations Deflects Attention from Exam's Fundamental Flaws

"The College Board's annual promotion of meaningless changes in SAT scores is a 'red herring,' which diverts focus from the exam's fundamental flaws and the growing number of schools which have stopped requiring the test," according to the National Center for Fair & Open Testing (FairTest).

Princeton Review State Test Rankings Equivalent to Arthur Anderson Audit of Enron

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for immediate release Monday, May 4, 2003

FairTest Supreme Court Amicus Brief Demonstrates "Test Scores Do Not Equal 'Merit'"

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for immediate release Tuesday, February 25, 2003

New Report Shows MCAS Will Block College Access for Thousands of Students

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for immediate release, Wednesday October 16, 2002
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Students Spared More MCAS Requirements; Commissioner Withdraws Proposal Due to Statewide Opposition to Using MCAS for College

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for immediate release Tuesday, May 28, 2002


A loud chorus of opposition from education experts, teachers, parents, college administrators and others from across the Commonwealth resulted in state Commissioner of Education David Driscoll withdrawing his motion to the Board of Education that high school students’ MCAS results be added to their transcripts.

U.S. Naval Academy Challenged Over Misuse of SAT/ACT Exams; Minimum Score Requirement Violates Test Use Guidelines

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for immediate release, Thursday, July 25, 2002


Florida State Scholarship Program Unfairly Discriminates, Say Civil Rights and Educational Groups

August 26, 2002


CONTACTS: J.C. Flores, MALDEF (213) 629-2512, ext. 124
Bob Schaeffer, FairTest (239) 395-6773


ACT Misused for School Ratings, Accreditation, Accountability; Test-Taker Increase Boosted by Company-Sanctioned Score Abuse

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College Board Emphasis on Small Score Changes Encourage SAT Misuse by Colleges, Scholarship Programs

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New Study Finds Rewarding Schools for MCAS Score Gains Produces Flawed Results, Encourages Inappropriate Practices

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