FairTest Press Release on 2013 Release of SAT Scores

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for use with annual SAT scores release –  12:01am Thursday, September 26, 2013

Testing Resistance & Reform News: Sept. 12 -18, 2013

The rising tide of opposition to test-and-punish education schemes demonstrated its growing strength in the political arena last week, propelling opponents of standardized exam overkill to victory at the ballot box and pushing policymakers to approve a "pause" in California's testing consequences.

Testing Resistance & Reform News: September 5 - 11, 2013

The school year is barely underway, and already many stories are appearing about the escalating resistance to testing overkill and Common Core exams.

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Standardized Testing Sparks Growing Grassroots Rebellion

FairTest Press Release: National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Scores Vary Greatly State-By State

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Testing Resistance & Reform News: August 28 - September 5, 2013

With schools open across the nation, opposition to the planned Common Core Assessments is surging.  As protests spread, more commentators are taking note of the disconnect between the growing resistance to standardized exam overkill among parents, teachers and community leaders and the stubborn support of failed testing policies by public officials.

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Common Core Assessment Myths -- New FairTest Fact Sheet

New Fact Sheet: Common Core Assessment Myths and Realities: Moratorium Needed From More Tests, Costs, Stress

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Common Core Assessment Myths and Realities: Moratorium Needed From More Tests, Costs, Stress


Testing Resistance & Reform News: August 22 - 28, 2013

As classroom doors open for another year of politically mandated testing overkill, grassroots assessment reform advocacy is exploding around the nation. Along with escalating criticism of the Common Core Assessments, protest actions are already underway in many states. Please send FairTest stories about your local resistance campaigns so we can share them with activists and journalists across the country. And, remember that back issues of these weekly news updates are available online at:

Testing Resistance & Reform News: August 15 - August 21, 2013

FairTest's newsblasts are designed to help keep activists and journalists up to date about the status of the testing resistance and reform movement while also providing resources and models for effective organizing.  Please let us know the email addresses of any colleagues who would benefit from these weekly updates.

New Gallup Poll Shows Americans "Fed Up" With Testing Overkill

FairTest Press Release: New Poll Shows "Americans Fed Up with School-Test Overkill"

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for immediate release, Wednesday, August 21, 2013

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