What to say when you call your senator about NCLB

When you call your Senator to ask him to help overhaul NCLB, here are five suggested talking points, which you can deliver in 2-3 minutes:

Contacting your Senators to recommend changes to NCLB

Contacting your Senators to recommend changes to NCLB:

You can reach your members of Congress or the Committees by fax, phone, email or regular mail.

A fax is the best way to contact Senators, if you can, since it arrives immediately and you can provide a bit of detail (but keep it to a page, two at most). You can fax the Democrat majority of the HELP committee directly at 202-224-5128, and you can fax the Republicans at 202-224-6510.

Models for Writing About Personal Experience with NCLB

Models for writing about personal experience with NCLB’s damaging effects:

Parents about children:

Resistance Guide: Organizing for Testing Reform

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