CDs Against NCLB

K-12 Testing

Two CDs have been released that both mock and decry the federal “No Child Left Behind” Act.


“If you cannot find Osama, test the kids” is part of a refrain on a CD designed to bring attention to the devastation caused by data-driven, test-obsessed schools and to remind people schools shouldn’t harm children. No Child Left Behind? Bring Back the Joy features 15 original songs written by teachers and performed by musicians ranging from 12-year-old Lillie Kryzanek to Tom Chapin and George Grove of the Kingston Trio. Proceeds from sales go to the World of Opportunity (WOO) in Birmingham, Alabama, a school initially set up for students pushed out by public school efforts to boost average test scores. The CDs are $15 each or five for $50. Make checks to Left Behind CD, P. O. Box 1776, Minneapolis, MN 53201-1776. For more on WOO, see