Cheating in NYC?

K-12 Testing

In her article, "Why Reading Tests Don't Test Reading" (Dissent, Fall 1981), Deborah Meier noted that every year for five or six consecutive years, New York City faced a standardized test cheating scandal. With the stakes on tests continually rising, it is not surprising that such problems continue to appear.


This year, another cheating scandal is brewing in New York, with accusations that teachers and administrators in at least a dozen schools improperly coached students, fixed wrong answers, or otherwise wrongly boosted test scores. Further, the Board of Education has been accused of ignoring previous charges of cheating. As a result, the investigation of current allegations is being conducted by a separate investigator, Ed Stancik.


Stancik reported receiving "dozens of calls" from parents and teachers since he announced his investigation in July. The Board's office maintains that it has rigorously investigated cheating claims, but the New York Post reported on instances in which cheating was alleged and an inquiry started, but parents subsequently heard nothing about the results.