FairTest Featured in Kappan Issue, Video

K-12 Testing

The September 1997 issue of Phi Delta Kappan focuses on assessment. A special section opens with Transforming Student Assessment by FairTest s Monty Neill, a review of both continuing problems with traditional tests and improved assessment practices. Sam Wineburg provides important insights into the complex issue of whether it makes sense to assess individuals in isolation, arguing that such individual appraisals have largely been abandoned outside of school and offering suggestions for alternative approaches which focus on evaluating individuals within a group context. James Bernauer and Katherine Cress of Boston College s Urban District Assessment Consortium propose fundamental changes in accountability that expand on issues raised in Neill s piece. The issue also includes four articles discussing, interpreting and offering cautions about the Third International Mathematics and Science Study.


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A video from Phi Delta Kappa's Positive Insights on Education Series, Monty Neill: Alternatives to Standardized Testing, features a half-hour interview with FairTest s associate director, conducted by PDK s Philip Harris. The video provides a strong critique of standardized testing and useful ideas for authentic assessment practices in classrooms and for accountability. The video can be ordered separately (ask for L.#8) or as part of the series. It comes with a facilitator's guide for using the video to spur discussion as part of a professional development program or in a classroom.


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