Forum on Educational Accountability

K-12 Testing

Eighty-two national education, civil rights, religious and civic organizations have now signed on to the "Joint Organizational Statement on NCLB" calling for a major overhaul of federal K-12 education law. Many of these organizations are working closely together as the "Forum on Educational Accountability" (FEA) to build on the Statement by developing more detailed proposals for changing ESEA/NCLB.

Twenty-one organizations participated in the original release of the Statement in October 2004. Since then, the initial signers have worked to expand numbers and to further develop the ideas in the Statement.

In January, 2006, the FEA sponsored a Congressional briefing on Capital Hill attended by nearly 40 Senate and House staff. It has assembled an Expert Panel on Assessment which will offer recommendations on the federal role in assessment, growth measures and the use of assessment and multiple measures in accountability. (Growth measures aim to track the progress of each child and of groups over time, rather than compare students in different groups such as this year's fourth graders to last year's fourth graders.) The members of the FEA are also crafting ideas on how the federal government can help schools improve their capacity to serve all students well, rather than continue to test and punish as NCLB requires.