Join the Assessment Reform E-Mail Discussion

K-12 Testing

The Assessment Reform Network (ARN) of FairTest has created a new on line discussion group to give parents, educators, civil rights activists and other community advocates a forum for exchanging ideas and experiences about implementing assessment reform. We encourage participants to ask questions, to seek help, to post alerts, to submit summaries of their experiences, and to comment on other submissions.


With this list, we hope to build and support an active national network of reformers at school, district and state levels. The list is designed to focus less on the various types of assessments themselves, such as how to do a good portfolio or performance event (though references to this information and relevant materials are welcome), and more on the how, why, and what of producing change in assessment practice and policy.


You can sign on to the discussion list by following these steps:


1) To become a subscriber, you only need to be able to send and receive email.

2) To Subscribe: Send an email to the listserv address:

3) In the message box, write this one line message: SUB ARN-L yourfirstname yourlastname.

4) Send the message and you're subscribed. You will start receiving email from other subscribers.

5) To Send a message to the group, email your message to:

Note: The subscription address and posting address are different. Don't use them interchangeably.

6) After you have subscribed, you will receive a confirmation notice and a mission statement.


You also can sign on from FairTest's web site at FairTest's website.


We look forward to participating with you in the discussion!