How Standardized Testing Damages Education (Updated July 2012)


How do schools use standardized tests?

Criterion- and Standards- Referenced Tests (PDF)

Why "No Child Left Behind" Will Fail Our Children

Why “No Child Left Behind” Will Fail Our Children

A FairTest Position Statement on NCLB

“No Child Left Behind,” the name of the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act, describes a worthy goal for our nation. Tragically, the legislation will exacerbate, not solve, the real problems that cause many children to be left behind.

Authentic Accountability (PDF)

The Value of Formative Assessment

The current wave of test-based "accountability" makes it seem as though all assessment could be reduced to "tough tests" attached to high stakes. The assumption, fundamentally unproven, is that such tests produce real improvements in student learning better than do other educational methods.

Letter in Opposition to Testing Head Start Children

Dear Representative:
As recognized experts in the fields of early childhood development and assessment, we write to express our concerns about plans proposed by the Head Start Bureau to implement a National Reporting System for all 4- and 5-year-olds in Head Start in the Fall of 2003. We agree in principle with the need to conduct ongoing child assessments. However, we are troubled by both the timing and structure of this new proposed effort.

National Assessment of Educational Progress and National Assessment Governing Board

 Link to National Assessment of Educational Progress and National Assessment Governing Board at http://www.nagb.org/

PURE testimony to the Senate Education Committee Subcommittee on NCLB

Presented by Julie Woestehoff, PURE executive director September 12, 2003


High School Testing: Letter to Congress

February 3, 2005

Dear Senator/Representative:

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