Testing and Grade Retention

Civil Rights, Disability Orgs. Call for "Multiple Measures" in "No Child" Overhaul Legislation

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Test Reformers React to New National Poll on "No Child Left Behind" (PDF)

Aspen Commission Proposals are "NCLB on Steroids;" Side-Effect Will Be More "Teaching to the Tests"

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The Aspen Commission's recommendations for reauthorizing the federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law, released today, amount to little more than NCLB on steroids.

Their predictable side-effect will be the further reduction of education to coaching for narrow exams that fail to support or assess high-quality student learning.

Education, Civil Rights, Disability, Religious Groups Promote "Redefining Accountability" To Replace "No Child Left Behind"

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Authentic Assessment and Accountability


Determining how, what and how well a student is learning is an essential part of teaching. While assessment too often is reduced to standardized testing, teachers and researchers have created a wide range of powerful assessment tools and practices that are being used in schools across the nation.

FairTest has produced numerous publications about authentic performance assessment, including:

The Case Against High Stakes Testing

The Case Against High Stakes Testing (Updated January 2017)

These materials make the case against relying on test scores to make important educational decisions about students or schools - what is called “high-stakes testing.” Common examples include making a child repeat a grade or withholding a student’s high-school diploma solely based on their score on a test, or relying on test scores to decide whether a teacher or school should be sanctioned or rewarded.

Civil Rights, Disability Orgs. Call for "Multiple Measures" in "No Child" Overhaul Legislation (PDF)

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