The January 18, 2006 Ed Week featured a piece on FairTest and the Joint Organizational Statement on NCLB

Education Week, January 18, 2006
At 4, NCLB Gets Praise and Fresh Call
to Amend It
By Andrew Trotter and Michelle R. Davis

A coalition of school, civil rights, and child-advocacy groups
handed a list of 14 recommendations for changing the federal
No Child Left Behind Act to congressional staff members at the
U.S. Capitol last week, just a day after President Bush vigorously
defended the law on its fourth anniversary.

Flatline NAEP Scores Show Failure of Test-Driven School Reform

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No Child Left Behind Flunks on 3rd Anniversary Report Card; Law Needs Complete Overhaul to Promote School Reform

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Arizona Republic piece on AIMS

Education requires our support

John Scudder
Arizona Republic
Sept. 10, 2003 12:00 AM

Students Spared More MCAS Requirements; Commissioner Withdraws Proposal Due to Statewide Opposition to Using MCAS for College

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A loud chorus of opposition from education experts, teachers, parents, college administrators and others from across the Commonwealth resulted in state Commissioner of Education David Driscoll withdrawing his motion to the Board of Education that high school students’ MCAS results be added to their transcripts.

New Study Finds Rewarding Schools for MCAS Score Gains Produces Flawed Results, Encourages Inappropriate Practices

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Brookline Tab -- May 8, 2002
Guest Commentary
by Dana Monnier, Emma Stoskopf-Erlich, Riva Lencer, Irene Behrman,Adam
Stoler, Alessandro Ascherio

AIMS Press Release

Press Release
Did You Know: Tempest
Over 4 Test Items

Regents Exam Review Panel ELA

Regents Exam Review Panel
English Language Arts
Report of Proceedings
Hosted by Rockefeller Foundation
June 7, 2001

A panel of eight writers and university faculty met on June
7, 2001, under the auspices of the Rockefeller Foundation, to
review and discuss the English Language Arts (ELA) Regents exam.
As writers and as teachers of college students, we had certain
expectations of such an exam:

NAEP Reading Scores Show Testing Mania Fails to Improve Learning; Education Quality Undermined for Low-Income, Minority Children

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