In Memoriam: Asa Hilliard III

FairTest News

FairTest Examiner - October 2007

Everyone associated with FairTest mourns the death of our long-serving Board member and friend, Asa G. Hilliard III. Asa, the Fuller E. Calloway Professor of Urban Education at Georgia State University in Atlanta, died August 13 while working in Egypt.

At the same time, we celebrate Dr. Hilliard's rich life, particularly his strong commitment to promoting civil rights through assessment reform. Asa was a Pan-Africanist educator, historian and psychologist who made powerful contributions to understanding the limits, flaws and misuses of standardized tests, particularly as pertains to African American youth. He was the co-author of Young, Gifted, and Black: Promoting High Achievement Among African American Students (Beacon Press, 2004) and edited Testing African American Students, a special issue of The Negro Educational Review.

Asa served as lead expert witness in landmark federal cases on testing, including Larry P. v., Riles in California, Mattie T. v. Holliday in Mississippi, and Deborah P. v. Turlington in Florida; and also in two Supreme Court cases, Ayers v. Fordice in Mississippi, and Marino v. Ortiz in New York City . He also spent more than thirty years leading study groups to Egypt and Ghana, as part of his mission of teaching the truth about the history of Africa and the African Diaspora.

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