Mismeasure of Man Revised

General Testing

Billed as "the definitive refutation of the argument of The Bell Curve," the recently-published revised and expanded edition of Harvard paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould's classic, The Mismeasure of Man, comes close to fulfilling that boast. In 90 pages of new material added to the largely-unchanged core text, Gould applies his keen analytic eye to the claims of the latest generation of genetic determinists. According to Gould, the argument by The Bell Curve authors Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray that heredity determines intelligence simply has given fresh breath to "age-old fallacies of thinking."


Not only does Gould now devote a chapter to a critique of the "disingenuousness" of the content, argument and proposals found in The Bell Curve, but Mismeasure also provides the historical context to better understand the debate. While the updated edition does not have the space to refute all the spurious data and unsupported conclusions produced by Herrnstein and Murray in their 800-page tome (see Examiner, Winter 1994-95), Gould does neutralize their core thesis in his customary readable style.


Copies of the revised edition of The Mismeasure of Man are available from FairTest for $13.95 postpaid. Use the order form on page 15.