Most Appalling News Contest

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FairTest announces the "most appalling news" contest. The person who submits the most disgusting and outrageous story about test misuse will win a copy of a FairTest publication of her/his choice. A recent example:


Prince William County, Virginia, first graders were subjected, in their first two weeks of school this year, to the Stanford 9 multiple-choice math and reading tests. The Washington Post reported children crying, feeling sick, collaborating on answers (and being punished for doing so), and simply quitting the test long before completion. Testing six-year-old children violates recommendations for appropriate educational practices issued by many organizations which work with young children.


The silver lining in this story is that many teachers and parents were outraged and protested the use of such tests. The excuse for testing? Virginia has increasingly high-stakes testing starting in grade 3.


If the contest attracts many entrants, FairTest might award prizes in various categories, such as: advertisements, home testing by computer, young children, elementary and secondary, university admissions, and employment.


So, send news clips and stories to FairTest. Be sure to include your name and address.


Judging will be by FairTest staff and promises to be entirely subjective.