NEA Resolution

K-12 Testing

The National Education Association has adopted new positions on testing students in schools and in higher education. The resolution on "Standardized Testing of Students" reads in part:


"The [NEA] believes that standardized tests should only be used to improve the quality of education and instruction for students.... Affiliates should advocate the design and use of a variety of developmentally appropriate assessment techniques that are bias-free, reliable, and valid. When a test is mandated at the state or the national level, it should only be used to evaluate programs toward meeting state or national standards and/or goals...


"The Association opposes the use of standardized tests when--...


"b. They inappropriately compare students, teachers, programs, schools, communities, and states


"c. Used as a single criterion for high-stakes decision making


"d. They do not match the developmental levels or language proficiency of the student


"e. Student scores are used to evaluate teachers....


"f. Programs are ... de-signed to teach to the test."