New Learning Record Handbooks

K-12 Testing

The Learning Record (LR; formerly the California LR) was adapted from the English Primary Language Record to a U.S. context. It is a detailed, classroom-based means of documenting and assessing students' acquisition of literacy (see Examiner, Summer 1995, Summer 1992). Useful for both formative and summative purposes at the individual and classroom levels, the LR also can be used as the basis for school, district and state reporting.


Assessing Literacy with the Learning Record, by Mary A. Barr and Margaret A. Syverson, includes separate handbooks for teachers of grades K-6 and grades 6-12. The books explain how to use the Records -- documenting prior literacy experiences such as with parent and student interviews, documenting student learning, and reflecting on the year's work -- as well as how to address issues of classroom management and professional development. Copies of the record- keeping forms and the reading and writing scales for summary evaluation are included.


-- Available from Heinemann, 361 Hanover St., Portsmouth, NH 03801-3912;; $15 each.


-- The English Primary Learning Record includes literacy, math, science, social studies and more; it is available from FairTest; use the order form.