New Legislation

While an improvement on NCLB, the testing mandates of ESSA and the framework for innovative assessments leaves students taking too many standardized tests while limiting the ability of states and localities to develop superior systems of authentic assessments. FairTest supports reform of ESSA’s assessment and accountability measures. We will keep you posted here on efforts to amend ESSA and on Elementary and Secondary Schools Act (ESEA) reauthorization as they transpire.

FairTest strongly supports legislation filed by Rep. Jamal Bowman (D-NY) on March 23, 2023 titled the More Teaching, Less Testing Act.

The legislation would reduce the amount of mandatory testing under ESSA, allow states to utilize grade span testing, sampling, matrix sampling, or combinations thereof, and would change the language governing the Innovative Assessment Demonstration Authority grants to allow for greater flexibility and innovation at the state level. It would also increase funding for such innovations.