PLR/CLR in Use

K-12 Testing

The PLR/CLR in Use contains extensive examples of how the Primary Language Record (PLR), the California Learning Record (CLR), and the Primary Learning Record (PLeR) have been implemented in classrooms and districts in London, England, New York City, and California. The three records are outstanding guides to classroom assessment (see Examiner, Summer 1992 and Spring 1996) and are beginning to be studied for possible accountability purposes (see page 6; also Examiner, Summer 1995).


The material in PLR/CLR in Use is drawn from an October 1995 conference of teachers and researchers. Topics cover a wide range of issues, including: student self-assessment, parent involvement, bilingual and multi-cultural issues, using the PLR/CLR/PLeR across the curriculum, professional development, and accountability issues. This report should be of interest to users of the PLR/CLR and also to teachers, administrators and researchers interested in classroom assessment.


PLR/CLR in Use ($10) and order forms for CLR materials are available from the Center for Language in Learning, 10610 Quail Canyon Rd., El Cajon, CA 92021.


PLeR is available from FairTest; $30 (use order form, p. 15).


PLR is available from Heinemann, 361 Hanover St., Portsmouth, NH 03810; $30, plus $4 postage for one copy.