Rethinking Accountability

K-12 Testing

Democratic School Accountability: A Model for School Improvement is a very valuable book for anyone willing to rethink accountability practices. Editor and University of Southern Maine associate professor Ken Jones' first chapter presents an overall model for constructing democratic forms of accountability. The ensuing chapters address accountability in relationship to teaching, teacher leadership and professional development, school reorganizing from the bottom up, some examples of alternative approaches in action, and issues of balancing state and local accountability.

As FairTest Executive Director Monty Neill notes in the book's foreword, "To attain the goal of a high-quality education for every child, we need to know how accountability processes can help, rather than undermine, progress toward the goal. This volume contributes greatly toward answering that 'How?' and I commend it strongly to you."

- Monty Neill's foreword is on the FairTest website.

- Three papers on democratic accountability by Ken Jones are available on the FairTest Accountability page.

- Rowman and Littlefield Education;; $29.95 pap.