Roll Back Test Misuse & Overuse

Across the country, resistance to high-stakes testing is surging!

You can help make it even stronger with a year-end contribution to FairTest. Here’s what your contribution will support:

  • Protest leaders from Washington State to Florida and Rhode Island to Texas rely on FairTest for hard-hitting, timely fact sheets, strategic guidance and logistical support;
  • FairTest leads the national movement for SAT/ACT-optional admissions. More than 800 college and universities have adopted these policies to enhance diversity and academic quality;
  • When journalists from both old and new media report on testing, their first call is to FairTest. The New York Times, Washington Post, NPR, Daily Kos, and hundreds of local outlets regularly quote us. That helps balance the debate;
  • We’re already organizing Testing Reform Spring 2014 to bolster grassroots activities in dozens of communities. Opt-out campaigns, Town Hall forums, and rallies will escalate pressure on policy makers.

Building a more powerful movement requires more resources. Even our critics are shocked that FairTest already does so much with such a tiny staff.

To accomplish even more in 2014, we need your financial support now.

You can help ensure that assessment reformers have greater clout in 2014 by making a generous, donation today! Please click here or mail your check to: FairTest, P.O. Box 300204, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130.

Thank you!


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PS: Your entire contribution to FairTest is tax deductible.