Scores on Mass. Transcripts?

K-12 Testing

The Massachusetts Coalition for Authentic Reform in Education (CARE) has mounted a campaign to head off a proposed change in state regulations that would require MCAS scores to be placed on public school students’ transcripts. CARE argues this would lead to invalid use of the exams for college admissions decisions, further encourage narrow teaching to the test, and ultimately create an unequal playing field for Massachusetts public school students who compete for college admissions with private, parochial and out-of-state students who do not have to take the MCAS.


State Education Commissioner David Driscoll proposed including scores on transcripts shortly after Massachusetts joined the American Diploma Project, spearheaded by Achieve, the Education Trust, the Fordham Foundation and the National Alliance of Business – four groups that strongly support high-stakes testing. The Project urges its member states to use their state exams for college admissions purposes and vows to convince more employers to use the tests for employment decisions.


Since the campaign began, CARE’s position has been endorsed by over 200 organizations and individuals, including the state college association, school committee association, teachers unions, superintendents, civil rights and parent groups. Due to the pressure, the state education commissioner has said he will withdraw the proposal, at least temporarily. The State Board of Education is due to vote on the matter on April 30.


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