Stifling Dissent in Chicago

K-12 Testing

The Chicago LSC Summit, with FairTest, produced The ITBS and TAP Tests: What every CPS Parent needs to know and distributed 120,000 copies to 175 schools to give to parents. Paul Vallas, the Chief Executive Officer of the Chicago Public Schools, ordered the schools not to hand out the booklets.

A member of one school's Local School Council (LSC) stated that the LSC had voted to distribute them, but the principal threw them away. Under law, the LSC's are supposed to be policy-making bodies for their schools. The CPS, ready to go to court to enforce its interpretation of copyright law, appears willing to deliberately violate other laws in order to silence dissent. (The booklet contains no items from ITBS or TAP.)

The booklet (English or Spanish) is available by sending a self-addressed $.33 stamped envelope to Chicago Pamphlet at FairTest.