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Overhauling ESEA to Improve Public Schools: FEA’s Reauthorization Proposals

Detailed FairTest study of NAEP results shows NCLB has not led to improved student learning.

FairTest has written a detailed analysis of NAEP trends conclusively showing that the rate of progress on NAEP has slowed or stagnated for most all groups in both reading and math and all grades tested on both the NAEP Long-term trend and NAEP Main tests. This shows NCLB has not produced improved learning outcomes. See the report here.

Student Test Scores: An Inaccurate Way to Judge Teachers

Testimony to Mass Board of Education against using student scores to judge teachers.

Webinar May 9 on Forum on Educational Accountability recommendations for ESEA reauthorization

Poll on NCLB: Americans Want a Useful Overhaul of Education Policy.

Poll on NCLB: Americans Want a Useful Overhaul of Education Policy" by Monty Neill was published the March/April 2011 issue of Social Studies and the Young Learner.

Position Paper on NCLB and the School to Prison Pipeline

FairTest and five other organizations have issued a paper, Federal Policy, ESEA and the School to Prison Pipeline. It looks at testing, school climate and 'zero tolerance' discipline policies as causes of the Pipeline, and makes recommendations on assessment, accountability, discipline and student re-entry to schools.

FairTest Press Release on 2011 State of the Union Speech

FairTest urges President Obama to use State of the Union address to
overhaul education policy, rely on research and evidence, not ideology,
cut mandated testing and improve assessment. See the full news release.

FairTest is moving!

FairTest is moving!

Our new phone, effective Dec 31, 2010, will be 617- 477-9792.

Our new mailing address is: FairTest, P.O. Box 300204, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130.

Our email remains the same: fairtest@fairtest.org.


FairTest Reacts to the 2010 SAT Scores

for further information:                                                                 

Bob Schaeffer (239) 395-6773

cell  (239) 699-0468

for use with annual SAT scores release – 11:00am, Monday, September 13, 2010

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