Texas Parents Denied Injunction

K-12 Testing

Parents in Waco, Texas who sought to temporarily restrain their local district from enacting a new promotion policy were denied an injuction when Texas Judge Alan Mayfield ruled they had insufficient evidence.


Implemented in 1997-98, the policy requires that students score a combined average of 70 on the math and reading portions of the Texas Assessment of Academic Skills (TAAS) in order to be promoted. Parents sought to prevent the district from holding back students this school year until a separate suit against the district's use of the TAAS is completed. In that suit, plaintiffs argue the TAAS will act as an educational barrier to black, Hispanic and low-income students who usually score lower on such tests, and that the policy violates confidentiality by revealing individual scores. Trial on this action is expected later in the year (see Examiner, Summer 1998).


This school year, 1,116 Waco elementary and middle school students will be held back, out of 9,738 enrolled last year.