Video - Echoes in the Hallway

K-12 Testing

The Rural School and Community Trust has released a new video adapted from Joe Hiney’s play, Echoes in the Hallway, which depicts the harms of high-stakes testing reforms he witnessed as a teacher in rural Virginia. The play powerfully captures students’ voices as they struggle to cope with real world issues in the midst of an increasingly lockstep school experience.


Mickey Vanderwerker, state organizer of Parents Across Virginia United for the Reform of SOLs, comments: “‘Echoes in the Hallway’ was performed at several parent meetings on high stakes testing.  The students were tremendously effective at showing the audience what matters most in their lives and in their education. Their portrayal of the effects of one-size-fits-all testing in the context of their lives was incredibly moving. At the play’s conclusion, there was not a dry eye in the audience and the audience was moved to action. I would strongly recommend Echoes in the Hallway for teacher, parent and community member gatherings.”


The Rural Trust offers a discussion guide and encourages new performances of the play. Videos are available for $15 plus shipping and handling by calling (877) 955-7177. For more information, visit (link no longer working)