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FairTest Examiner - April 2008

Jesse Mermell, Executive Director

Dear Readers,

Thank you for the warm welcome that I have received in my first weeks here at FairTest. I am thrilled to be on board and am looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead.

My experiences in leadership positions with other progressive causes and campaigns have taught me how to spot a well-run organization. FairTest fits that bill. With a small but dedicated staff and committed Board of Directors, FairTest has had a major impact on the world of testing for more than two decades.

I have also learned how to spot an organization poised to move to the next level. Once again, FairTest fits the bill. We are an organization with a distinguished history, and an even stronger capacity to increase our impact on the national stage – but that can only happen with your help.

I hope that I can count on that help as we unleash FairTest’s vast potential. Make
a financial contribution, donate your time, or tell your friends and family about our important work.

Thank you again for making me feel at home as I settle into this new role. Please communicate your suggestions and concerns at any time.


Jesse Mermell
Executive Director


Thanks to supporters:

  • FairTest thanks the many donors who generously contributed to our end-of-2007 fundraising efforts.

  • We thank the Pennsylvania State Education Association and Working Assets. Because Working Assets makes its awards based on its members' nominations and votes, we thank them too.

  • We give a special thank you to long-time testing reform educator Brenda Engel. Brenda is also a fine watercolorist, and she generously donated the proceeds from her recent Cambridge, MA gallery show to FairTest. http://www.noca-arts.org/Brenda_Engel.html

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