Worth Reading

K-12 Testing
An expanded version of Examining DIBELS: What It Is and What It Does, by Ken Goodman and colleagues, is available from Heinemann. DIBELS is the controversial test of phonemic awareness and reading speed, partly made up of nonsense words, that is at the core of the Bush Administration's widely criticized Reading First program. The Examiner reviewed the first edition in the October 2006 issue.
- http://www.heinemann.com/.


Phyllis Taub Greenleaf has written a short, engaging critique of standardized testing, with brief sections on healthier methods of assessment and of action steps people can take, including overhauling ESEA/NCLB. This book will be helpful especially to people who need an introduction to the issues. As FairTest Board Member Deborah Meier put it: "A straightforward non-jargon explanation of how NCLB-and the entire testing mania-actually contributes to leaving all children behind." You can find out more and order the book at http://www.idratherbelearning.com/.