Assessment Reform News: December 2022

California Los Angeles Teachers Want More Money and Less Testing

Pandemic Era Test Scores Do Not Define Students

Changes Planned to School Accountability System
Colorado Denver Seeks Parent, Student Input for New Public School Data Dashboard

Debate Over Accountability System Audit Findings

Illinois Chicago Considers Ending Test-Score Based Grade Retention

Multiple-Measures Dashboard May Replace A-to-F School Grading System

Assessment Reform is a Top Priority for State Teachers’ Union

Michigan Educators Criticize State for Requiring Students to Take SAT “Writing” Test

Black and Low-Income Children More Likely to Be Held Back Under New Third-Grade Promotion Test Law

State Offers New Options to Obtain High School Equivalency Diploma By Combining Scores From Multiple Tests

New Jersey Legislators Hear Pleas to Reduce Standardized Testing Overki

New Mexico State Relaxes High School Graduation Testing Requirements

New York 
Regents Exams Could Lose High-Stakes Consequences

Regents Graduation Test is an Antiquated, Pointless Hurdle
New York Parents, Teachers Petition for End of Exit Exam

North Carolina Teachers Deserve More Than Test-Score Based Pay

Ohio Educators Support Bill to Repeal Third Grade Retention Testing Requirement

Educators Criticize Emphasis on Post-COVID Test Results

Tennessee School Board Seeks Overhaul of State’s Third Grade Reading Retention Law

Texas Districts Pilot “Through Year” Assessment System With Multiple Rounds of Testing

Legislator Lists Concerns With Student Testing Requirements

University Admissions 
ACT/SAT-Optional Policies Are the “New Normal”
University Admissions GRExit Movement Gains Headway as More PhD Programs Drop Test Requirement

Selective Colleges Navigate ACT/SAT-Optional Admissions
University Admissions Most Business Schools Adopt Test-Optional Admissions Policies
University Admissions LSAT Requirements Undermine Legal Profession Diversity
University Admissions Why Medical School Admissions Should De-emphasize the MCAT
University Admissions Sharp Decline in GRE Test-Taking Volume After Fewer Graduate Programs Require Exam

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