Assessment Reform News: February 2023

Testingreformseason is heating up with many state legislatures considering proposals to reduce standardized exam overkill at the same time public schools are gearing up to administer another round of federal- and state-mandatedassessments.

Assessment reform campaigns are heating up across the nation.  In both K-12 and higher education, there’s renewed energy to replace high-stakes testing hurdles with authentic measures of what students know and can do, not how well they take standardized exams. 

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NationalAnnual Student Testing Provides Little New or Useful Information; Results Can Be Distorted by School Demographic Changes

U.S. Ed. Sec Says Standardized Exams Should No Longer Be a “Hammer,” ButTest-Based “Accountability” Remains in Place
National Many States Rethinking School Grading Systems After Pandemic Pause
National Accountability Systems Must Offer More than School Grades

AlaskaLegislators Consider RemovingTestScore Requirement for College Scholarship Eligibility

ArizonaHow To Make School Grading Even Worse
New State Superintendent Should Cut Testing Overkill Rather Than Reinstating High School Graduation Exam
Legislators Say Test Scores Are “Superfluous” at Private Schools Receiving Taxpayer Funding

ColoradoBill Seeks to End Social Studies Testing Requirement,419616

FloridaState Weighs “Classical and Christian” Alternative Test for College Admissions

GeorgiaAtlanta School Cheating Case Drags On a Decade After Indictments

New Multi-Indicator Dashboard Could Replace State’s A-to-F School Grades

Advocates Say Special Ed Students Not Given RequiredTestAccommodations

MassachusettsBill Seeks to End GraduationTestRequirement and Score-Based School Takeovers
Spring Is the Season to Opt Children Out of Standardized Tests–49878042
Let’s Not UseTestScores to Support Return to More Segregated Schools

MichiganSenate Panel Advances Bill Cancelling Third Grade Reading RetentionTestLaw

State Senate Votes to Eliminate ReadingTestRetention Law

MissouriLawmaker Proposes Plan to Allow Districts to Opt Out of State Testing and Accountability

New Jersey Law Makers Hear Pleas to End High School Graduation Test Requirement

Lawmakers Hear Pleas to End Graduation Testing Requirement

New York
Teachers Again Allowed to Grade Own Students’ State Exams

North Carolina
Leaders Seek New Ways to Measure School Performance That Don’t Depend on Socio-Economic Status

OklahomaBan Paying Teachers Based on StudentTestScores

TennesseeThree Quarters of City Students Failed New Third Grade Promotion Test

Parents Organize Town Hall to Protest Third-GradeTestRetention Law

TexasThe Future of Standardized Testing Is Up in the Air
High Scoring Schools Join Campaign to Overhaul Testing and Accountability System

Educators Meet with Legislators to Press for TestingReform

UtahLawmakers May Remove Letter Grades from School Report Cards

University AdmissionsThe African American Studies Advanced Placement Debacle — DeSantis and the College Board Enable Each Other
University Admissions A Welcome Revolt Against School Ranking Schemes
University Admissions Medical Schools Boycott U.S. News Rankings Over Equity Concerns
University Admissions “I’m First Guide to College” Provides Advice for First Generation Applicants

Bar Association Leaders Will Try Again to Eliminate LSAT Exam Requirement

The Sooner We Understand that the College Board Is a Business, the Better
University Admissions Mishandling of Advanced Placement African American Studies Controversy Demonstrates College Board’s Unfitness
Bid to End Law School AdmissionsTestRequirement Is Down But Not Out

Worth Watching Examining the Moral Injuries and Oppressive Impacts of High-Stakes Tests:  Feb. 8 Zoom Panel

Private Equity Military Contracting Firm Purchases Standardized Exam Business