College Board Challenged to End "Blatant Hypocrisy" by Cracking Down on SAT Misuses, Including Its Own Handbook

for further information:

Christina Perez (857) 350-8207
or Bob Schaeffer (941) 395-6773


The ACT: A Different Test, Not a Better Test

for further information: Christina Perez (857) 350-8207
Bob Schaeffer (941) 395-6773

for immediate release, Tuesday, August 14, 2001

SAT Score Report: Fixation on Biased, Useless Test Results Undermines Educational Equity and Excellence

for further information:
Bob Schaeffer (941) 395-6773
or Monty Neill (857) 350-8207

for use with SAT results, 12 noon EDT, Tuesday, August 29, 2000

"SAT/ACT Optional" Admissions Enhances Equity and Excellence At Growing Number of U.S. Colleges

for further information:
Charles Rooney (857) 350-8207
eves. Bob Schaeffer (941) 395-6773


for use after 12:00am, October 7, 1998


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