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FairTest Reacts to the "New" SAT Validity Studies

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April FairTest Examiner Newsletter Published

The April 2008 FairTest Examiner is now published.

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Texas Public University System profile from Test Scores Do Not Equal Merit

"Our ability to enroll a diverse class while maintaining
high academic standards is certainly due in large part to HB
[House Bill] 588."
-- Dr. Bruce Walker, Associate Vice President and Director of
Admissions, University of Texas (UT), Austin, describing the
impact of a new Texas law deemphasizing the role of the SAT and
ACT in making admissions decisions at Texas public four-year

Muhlenberg College profile from Test Scores Do No Equal Merit

California State University System profile taken from Test Scores Do Not Equal Merit:

Bates College profile taken from Test Scores Do Not Equal Merit:

    "If I had had to choose between making tests optional and losing 1000 applications it would have been tough. But when you gain 1000 applications? There's no downside. "1 - William Hiss, current Vice President and former Director of Admissions at Bates

Admissions Quotes

Here is what officials at colleges and universities nationwide have to say about the SAT and ACT:


"Schools that use the SAT are throwing away a third of their talent."
- William Hiss, Dean of Enrollment at Bates College


SAT Scoring Error 2006

Q&A With FairTest's Public Education Director

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