How You Can Work for Testing Reform

1.Talk to others about test misuse. Break the silence by talking with other parents, teachers, neighbors and friendsone on one, in small groups, or at house parties.Share the facts about test overuse and misuse.
• Use the fact sheets at

2.Create a network for change. Build alliances among school and community groups to work for local, state and federal test reform. Reach out to parent associations, civil rights and faith-based leaders, teacher and other labor unions, civic organizations, and business groups.

3.Hold a public forum or workshop in your community to discuss high-stakes standardized tests, state and local testing policy.
• SeeFairTest’s guide to organizing a community forum,

4.Urge your local school board to take a stand on testing. Have your network press school board members to adopt a resolution calling for a moratorium on high-stakes testing in order to design a better assessment system.
• See FairTest’s “Time for a Real Testing Moratorium” fact sheet,

5.Consider opting your child out of the tests.
See FairTest’s “Opting Out” fact sheet,

6.Write letters-to-the-editor and op-ed pieces for your local and regional newspapers.
• See How to Work With Your Local Media,

7.Contact your state and federal representatives about reducing testing.
a) Send them letters with copies of news clips, resolutions, and/or signed petitions.
b) Call them with your concerns. Set up small group meetings between your elected officials and local parents, teachers, students and other allies.

• See

• To contact your members of Congress, go to

8.Support alternatives. When people ask, “What would you do instead of standardized testing?” tell them about successful models like the New York Performance Standards Consortium.

• See FairTest’s fact sheet, “A Better Way to Evaluate Schools,”

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See FairTest’s visually designed infographic based on this fact sheet.

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