Examiner Articles Highlighting SAT/ACT Alternatives

The following are FairTest Examiner articles highlighting the experiences of institutions nationwide that have eliminated or de-emphasized college admissions tests. A list of all Examiner articles from Spring 1995-current is also available.

Summer 2002
Texas Report Shows “Test-Optional” Admission Works

Spring 2002
UC Moves Toward “Achievement” Tests

Summer 2001
Texas Reduces Graduate Exam Score Emphasis
More Test-score Optional Progress

Spring 2001
Overemphasis on SAT Sparks UC Proposal to Drop Test Requirement
386 Colleges Now SAT/ACT Optional

Winter 2000-2001
Enhancing Equity and Excellence at Public Universities
Admissions Alternatives at Universities

Spring 2000
Mount Holyoke Goes SAT Optional
More Colleges Embrace Test Score Optional Admissions
Test Score Use and Affirmative Action Bans
Helpful Resources for Admissions Reviews

Fall 1999
Texas Undergrad Minority Enrollment Rebounds

Winter 1998-1999
California to Reduce SAT Emphasis

Fall 1998
"Test Score Optional" Admissions Enhance Equity and Excellence
Texas Graduate School Admissions

Summer 1998
Texas "Top 10%" Law Helps Increase Minority Enrollment

Spring 1998
Testing Admissions Tests

Winter 1998
Hopwood, Prop. 209 Fallout Spurs Admission Reforms

Fall 1997
Affirmative Action Ban Aids Test-optional Trend
Law Schools May Reduce Role of LSAT

Summer 1997
Texas Trumps Hopwood - Is California Next?
LSAT Optional School Reacts to Hopwood
ACT/SAT Optional List Hits 280

Spring 1997
Hopwood, Proposition 209, and Beyond
New Paradigms for Assessment of Merit

Winter 1997
Open Admissions at CUNY: Review

Summer 1996
Muhlenberg Drops SAT Requirement

Fall 1995
State University Admissions Reforms
Hartwick College Goes Test Optional

Summer 1995
Test-Optional Succeeds

Spring 1995
Use of Test-Optional Colleges Grows