FairTest’s 35th – What’s Next for Assessment Reform?

Friends and Allies:

Thirty-five years ago this weekend,  news stories across the nation reported, “The tens of millions of Americans who take standardized exams each year now have an organization to defend their rights.” FairTest, the National Center for Fair & Open Testing was launched at a news conference featuring civil rights, education reform, feminist, and student leadersduring the College Board’s annual meeting.

With your continued financial support and grassroots activism, FairTest has worked hard to live up to that advance billing, . We now have a three-and-a-half decade long track-record of success. Among the highlights:

  • The SAT/ACT optional undergraduate admissions movement, which FairTest nurtured from just a few dozen schools, now includes more than 70% of all 4-year colleges and universities in the country. We recently helped launch a similar campaign targeting graduate schools.
  • K-12 tests were suspended across the U.S. last spring after local parents, educators and community leaders pressed for waivers often relying on materials and networks developed by FairTest pre-pandemic.
  • Each year, more than 500 stories in major media outlets quote FairTest on the racial and class biases of standardized exams, their inaccurate results, negative impacts, and, increasingly, on better forms of assessment that actually improve learning and teaching.
  • FairTest’s website now attracts almost 2,000,000 unique page views annually, providing critical balance to the testing debate. Our “Testing Resistance & Reform News” summaries provide resources to more than three thousand activists, policy makers and journalists each week. 
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We’re not resting on our laurels.  Please support this important work, so we can take advantage of new opportunities created by the results of this fall's elections.Here’s what FairTest plans to do:

  • Launch a nationwide campaign to extend the moratorium on high-stakes testing in public schools for at least another year while pressing to replace standardized exams as the primary measure of students, teachers, schools and districts in state and federal laws.
  • Collaborate with college admissions leaders to transform one-year ACT/SAT/GRE waivers into permanent test-optional or test-blind policies.
  •  Overhaul fairtest.org to make it more attractive to users and provide more timely resources for activists, parents, teachers and students across the country in their local testing reform campaigns.
  • Step up outreach through both traditional and social media to make rolling back standardized testing misuse and overuse priority issues in the growing debate around how to make education more equitable and inclusive.


To increase the likelihood of winning more assessment reform victories, FairTest needs your financial support now.  Please make your 35th Anniversary Gift to FairTest today -- a donation of $35, $350, (even $3,500!) will provide the testing movement with added clout.  No amount is too small to matter.  Simply click here:   

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Thanks again for your ongoing commitment to assessment reform!


Bob Schaeffer
Interim Executive Director

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