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FairTest Reacts to the 2019 College Admissions Scandal

Between expensive test prep, pricey advisors, unethical, and, in this case, downright illegal behavior, ACT and SAT scores are easily “gamed” by those with financial means. To reduce the unfair advantage that people with abundant resources have in our test-reliant admissions system, FairTest leads the national movement for test-optional admissions policies. Today more than 1,000 colleges and universities have test-optional policies that evaluate an applicant's entire portfolio.

FairTest Infographic: Common Core: More Tests, But Not Better


University Testing: National Merit

The most prestigious scholarship competition in the U.S., the National Merit Scholarships, use Preliminary SAT (nearly identical to the SAT I) scores as the sole criterion to select semifinalists. The resultant pool has historically been predominantly male because boys score higher on the PSAT even though girls earn higher grades in high school (and college). In 1993, FairTest filed a complaint with the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) charging the testmakers with illegally assisting gender bias.

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