Higher Education Testing

FairTest’s work to minimize the role of standardized tests as gatekeepers to higher education. Through research, media,  presentations, and public awareness campaigns, we’ve led the test optional movement that has led to a drastic reduction in reliance on standardized tests in admissions to universities and graduate schools.

Higher Education

Undergraduate Admissions Testing

Admissions tests have been controversial since their creation in the early 1900s. FairTest works to expose the limitations of testing, the biases that reliance on testing creates, and the disadvantages that overreliance on tests create for women, low-income students, and underrepresented minorities.

Graduate school admissions is undergoing a shift away from the GMAT, GRE, LSAT, and MCAT as more and more admissions offices recognize the limitations of those exams. FairTest supports institutions in reconsidering their use of the tests and students exploring admissions options without the burden of preparing for and taking bubble tests.

While the vast majority of colleges have adopted policies that eliminate the SAT or ACT as an admissions requirement, these tests are still taken by a millions of of high school students and are being required by many states to fulfill secondary school assessment requirements under ESSA.  FairTest works to expose the extremely limited predictive validity of these tests and combat their widespread use.