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Issue Title Subject
March, 2009 Texas Superintendents Reject High-Stakes Testing, Propose New Vision K-12 Testing
March, 2009 Dangers and Opportunities in Federal Stimulus Law K-12 Testing
March, 2009 Teachers Boycott Tests K-12 Testing
December, 2008 Welcome from FairTest Executive Director Jesse Mermell FairTest News
December, 2008 College Admissions Leaders Embrace Testing Reform Agenda University Testing
December, 2008 After Obama Win, What Next for NCLB? K-12 Testing
December, 2008 Rural Assembly Says Abolish High-Stakes Testing K-12 Testing
December, 2008 Continuing State Battles Over High-Stakes Testing K-12 Testing
December, 2008 SAT Losing Market-Share To ACT, Test-Optional Colleges University Testing
December, 2008 Who’s in touch on NCLB? The Aspenites or FairTest and the Rest? K-12 Testing
December, 2008 Improving Accountability: A Review of Grading Education K-12 Testing
December, 2008 "Assessment for Learning Around the World" K-12 Testing
December, 2008 New FairTest Fact Sheets K-12 Testing
July, 2008 “New” SAT – Same as Old Test, Only Longer and More Expensive University Testing
July, 2008 Test-Optional Movement Continues to Accelerate University Testing
July, 2008 GMAT Cheating Scandal Illustrates Computerized Testing Vulnerability University Testing
July, 2008 Changes to State Assessment Systems K-12 Testing
July, 2008 Proposals for Overhauling NCLB K-12 Testing
July, 2008 New NCLB Regulations Proposed K-12 Testing
July, 2008 Pennsylvanians Force Delay in Grad Test Proposal; Battles Continue in Other States K-12 Testing
July, 2008 Individual Acts of Resistance K-12 Testing
July, 2008 National Urban League on NCLB K-12 Testing
July, 2008 Researchers Document High-Stakes Testing Damage, Shortcomings K-12 Testing
July, 2008 Georgia Test Fiasco Leads to Some Changes K-12 Testing
July, 2008 Greetings from Executive Director Jesse Mermell FairTest News
July, 2008 Childhood vs NCLB K-12 Testing
April, 2008 Welcome from Jesse Mermell, FairTest Executive Director FairTest News
April, 2008 Test Optional Success Stories University Testing
April, 2008 U Cal May Drop SAT Subject Tests University Testing
April, 2008 Exit Exam Battles Continue K-12 Testing
April, 2008 Education Groups Deepen Proposals for NCLB Overhaul K-12 Testing
April, 2008 May Will Bloom with Exhibitions around the Nation K-12 Testing
April, 2008 Texas Accountability System Causes "Avoidable Losses," Study Finds K-12 Testing
April, 2008 Moving Every Child Ahead K-12 Testing
April, 2008 Holding NCLB Accountable K-12 Testing
April, 2008 Testing: The Real Crisis in Education K-12 Testing
April, 2008 Free Book on IQ Testing K-12 Testing
January, 2008 More Than 755 Colleges Now “Test-Optional” University Testing
January, 2008 Battles Continue Over Graduation Tests K-12 Testing
January, 2008 Graduation Tests Do Not Work K-12 Testing
January, 2008 What the Presidential Candidates Say About NCLB K-12 Testing
January, 2008 Legal Victory Against NCLB K-12 Testing
January, 2008 NCLB Update K-12 Testing
January, 2008 Spellings Backs Away From College “Accountability” Testing University Testing
January, 2008 IRS Investigation of Test-Maker Pay Sought University Testing
January, 2008 A Victory: Head Start Reauthorization Drops Flawed Testing K-12 Testing
January, 2008 Identifying Successful Schools for Low Income and Minority Group Students K-12 Testing
January, 2008 Independent Test Results Show NCLB Failing K-12 Testing
January, 2008 Worth Reading K-12 Testing
January, 2008 Welcome Jesse Mermell, new FairTest Executive Director FairTest News
January, 2008 Redesigned FairTest Website FairTest News
December, 2007 Testing Hurts Teaching and Learning K-12 Testing
December, 2007 Experimental Items Added to GRE University Testing
October, 2007 In Memoriam: Asa Hilliard III FairTest News
October, 2007 Accountability Frankenstein K-12 Testing
October, 2007 Tested, by Linda Perlstein K-12 Testing
October, 2007 No Child Left Behind Reform: What's the Alternative? K-12 Testing
October, 2007 New Evidence Strengthens Claim that Testing Narrows Curriculum K-12 Testing
October, 2007 $3 Million Settlement for SAT Scoring Error University Testing
October, 2007 NAEP Results Show Children Still Left Behind Under NCLB K-12 Testing
October, 2007 Hundreds Protest Louisiana Tests K-12 Testing
October, 2007 Exit Exam Update: MD, CA K-12 Testing
October, 2007 NCLB Polls: The More People Know, the More They Want Change K-12 Testing
October, 2007 SAT Scores Decline, ACT Average Up Slightly University Testing
October, 2007 NCLB Reauthorization: The Battle Over Content K-12 Testing
October, 2007 Test Optional List Soars Past 750, Nears "Critical Mass" University Testing
October, 2007 Battles Roil NCLB Reauthorization K-12 Testing
July, 2007 New FairTest Board Members FairTest News
July, 2007 FairTest Interns FairTest News
July, 2007 NCLB Debate Heats Up in Congress K-12 Testing
July, 2007 Assessment Experts Call for NCLB Overhaul K-12 Testing
July, 2007 High School Grades Outperform SAT University Testing
July, 2007 Florida Test Scoring Error Highlights Exam Flaws K-12 Testing
July, 2007 Public Agrees NCLB Needs Overhaul K-12 Testing
July, 2007 Cheating Cases Continue to Proliferate K-12 Testing
July, 2007 Nebraska System to Remain Largely Unchanged K-12 Testing
July, 2007 National Exhibition Month: A Better Way to Assess K-12 Testing
July, 2007 Locally-based Performance Assessment K-12 Testing
July, 2007 British Panel: Abolish National Tests Under 16 K-12 Testing
July, 2007 Exit Exam Update: Alaska, California, Texas, Massachusetts and Washington K-12 Testing
July, 2007 Inflating NAEP's Importance Would Deflate Validity of NCLB 'Yardstick' K-12 Testing
July, 2007 Would Foreign Students Score Proficient on NAEP? K-12 Testing
July, 2007 Worth Reading: Reports and Articles K-12 Testing
July, 2007 What's the Value of Growth Measures? K-12 Testing
July, 2007 Public Safety Hiring Tests Challenged Teacher & Employment Testing
July, 2007 Four More Colleges Go Test Optional University Testing
July, 2007 High School Grades Outperform SAT University Testing
July, 2007 Texas Maintains Top 10% Admissions University Testing
April, 2007 New FairTest Co-Director FairTest News
April, 2007 NCLB Legislative Battles Begin K-12 Testing
April, 2007 Burgeoning Support for Joint Statement on NCLB K-12 Testing
April, 2007 Now Is the Time for NCLB Forums, Rallies K-12 Testing
April, 2007 A New Paradigm: Balanced Accountability K-12 Testing
April, 2007 Test Optional List Tops 735 University Testing
April, 2007 "New" GRE Cancellation Reveals ETS Flaws University Testing
April, 2007 SAT Exam "Recycling" Causes Test-Security Fiasco University Testing
April, 2007 Test Glitch Disrupts Computerized MCAT University Testing
April, 2007 Nebraska Points the Way Forward K-12 Testing
April, 2007 Polls: Teachers Reject NCLB K-12 Testing
April, 2007 Virginia Senators Back School Boards on ELL Testing K-12 Testing