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Issue Title Subject
April, 2007 Colorado Educators: NCLB Won't Work K-12 Testing
April, 2007 Exit Exam Update: MD, WA, MA, CA, PA K-12 Testing
April, 2007 Headline News: "Our Kids Are Tested to Death" K-12 Testing
April, 2007 Collateral Damage K-12 Testing
April, 2007 Bumper Crop of Proposals to Revise NCLB K-12 Testing
January, 2007 Accountability in Higher Ed K-16 Testing
January, 2007 Co-Director Search Continued FairTest News
January, 2007 More than 100 Groups Sign on to NCLB Joint Statement K-12 Testing
January, 2007 Efforts to Overhaul NCLB K-12 Testing
January, 2007 Religious Groups Take On NCLB K-12 Testing
January, 2007 NCLB Steals Time from Teaching K-12 Testing
January, 2007 National Test Scheme Resurfaces K-12 Testing
January, 2007 Is NAEP a Fair and Valid Benchmark? K-12 Testing
January, 2007 Fordham Institute Fudges Standards K-12 Testing
January, 2007 NCLB Neither Spurs Improvement Nor Prevents Failure K-12 Testing
January, 2007 ELL Challenge Shows NCLB's Absurdities K-12 Testing
January, 2007 NCLB Reforms for Disabled Students K-12 Testing
January, 2007 Teachers Refuse Test-based Bonuses K-12 Testing
January, 2007 Chicago Reforms Provide Lessons to Nation, NCLB K-12 Testing
January, 2007 Exit Exam Update: WA, TX, CA, AZ, MA K-12 Testing
January, 2007 Wyoming Steers Clear of Exit Exams K-12 Testing
January, 2007 Rethinking Accountability K-12 Testing
January, 2007 Wales Drops Most Standardized Testing K-12 Testing
January, 2007 Review: Holding Values K-12 Testing
January, 2007 Worth Reading K-12 Testing
January, 2007 States Investigating Test Fraud K-12 Testing
January, 2007 Two More Colleges Drop ACT/SAT Requirements University Testing
January, 2007 College Boards Admits SAT "Writing" Test Can be Coached University Testing
January, 2007 LSAT Revisions On the Way University Testing
January, 2007 National Merit Gender Gap Will Narrow University Testing
January, 2007 SAT Scoring Error Lawsuit, Regulatory Legislation Advance University Testing
January, 2007 College Admissions Counselors Bar Test Score Based Scholarships University Testing
October, 2006 Polls: Public Rejects NCLB Test and Punish Approach K-12 Testing
October, 2006 Would New Governors Change Course on Testing? K-12 Testing
October, 2006 Nebraska Wins Battle with Feds K-12 Testing
October, 2006 NCLB '99.9% Perfect'? States Beg to Differ K-12 Testing
October, 2006 AYP So Flawed It Should be Halted K-12 Testing
October, 2006 More Schools Fall into NCLB's "Failing" Category K-12 Testing
October, 2006 Educators Decry New NCLB Rules for Testing ELL Students K-12 Testing
October, 2006 NCLB Tutoring Provision Diverts and Detracts from Programs that Work K-12 Testing
October, 2006 CA Judge Says Students Shortchanged, Upholds Exit Exam Anyway K-12 Testing
October, 2006 DIBELS: Pedagogy of the Absurd Hurts Children K-12 Testing
October, 2006 Reading First Financial Corruption K-12 Testing
October, 2006 Testing Errors Proliferate K-12 Testing
October, 2006 State Education Resources Go to Cheating Probes K-12 Testing
October, 2006 To 'Close Gap,' Florida Flunked More Minority Third-Graders K-12 Testing
October, 2006 NY Times Reignites Debate on Class and School Achievement K-12 Testing
October, 2006 Test-Optional Admissions List Surges University Testing
October, 2006 SAT Score Decline Damages College Board Credibility, Helps Rival ACT University Testing
October, 2006 "Sorry, Your Scores Are Delayed, Lost, or ???" University Testing
October, 2006 Grade Retention: Still a Failed Policy K-12 Testing
October, 2006 PRAXIS Miscoring Lawsuit Settlement Approved with More Money for Plaintiffs Teacher & Employment Testing
October, 2006 U.S. Appeals Court Reinstates Teacher & Employment Testing
August, 2006 Thank You; Please Continue To Support FairTest's Work FairTest News
August, 2006 Nebraska Addresses Federal NCLB Requirements K-12 Testing
August, 2006 NCLB Not Closing Test Score Gaps K-12 Testing
August, 2006 Exit Exams Decrease Graduation Rates K-12 Testing
August, 2006 Parents Use Federal Law to Challenge Florida Test Secrecy K-12 Testing
August, 2006 Test Critic's Belated Victory K-12 Testing
August, 2006 Suspensions Used to Game Test Results K-12 Testing
August, 2006 Cheating K-12 Testing
August, 2006 More Testing Errors K-12 Testing
August, 2006 Helpful and Harmful School Reform in Chicago K-12 Testing
August, 2006 Teacher Quality Important, But Cannot Overcome Poverty K-12 Testing
August, 2006 Harder to "Fly High" than Ed Trust Claims K-12 Testing
August, 2006 Lessons from Early Childhood Accountability Efforts K-12 Testing
August, 2006 Forum on Educational Accountability K-12 Testing
August, 2006 Education Equity Campaign Seeks Major Changes in NCLB K-12 Testing
August, 2006 With Reauthorization on the Horizon, NCLB Reform Bills Pile Up K-12 Testing
August, 2006 Arizona Sues Feds K-12 Testing
August, 2006 Hickok's Misplaced Outrage K-12 Testing
August, 2006 ACT/SAT Exodus Accelerates University Testing
August, 2006 List of Test Optional in "Top 100" University Testing
August, 2006 SAT Score Error Cover-Up Continues University Testing
August, 2006 Scores from "New" Sat Expected to Dip University Testing
August, 2006 Not Ready For "Prime Time" -- New GRE Postponed University Testing
August, 2006 Redux: Test Coaching Works University Testing
August, 2006 College Board Salaries Soar Despite Test Problems University Testing
August, 2006 African American Legislators Endorse Teacher-Test Alternatives Teacher & Employment Testing
August, 2006 Firefighter Tests Found Racially Biased Teacher & Employment Testing
May, 2006 Welcome FairTest News
May, 2006 California Supreme Court Halts Injunction against Grad Test K-12 Testing
May, 2006 Arizona Grad Test in Place…for Now K-12 Testing
May, 2006 Mass Grad Test Battle Flares Again K-12 Testing
May, 2006 Washington, Other States Allow Alternatives to Test K-12 Testing
May, 2006 Forum on Educational Accountability K-12 Testing
May, 2006 PEN Report Sharply Criticizes NCLB K-12 Testing
May, 2006 Are Students Not Counted? K-12 Testing
May, 2006 NCLB Reports Cite Fundamental Flaws K-12 Testing
May, 2006 Campaign for the Education of the Whole Child K-12 Testing
May, 2006 Learning to Strengthen Formative Assessment Practices K-12 Testing
May, 2006 Testing Industry Critique Falls Short K-12 Testing
May, 2006 Cheating Reports Continue to Erupt K-12 Testing
May, 2006 Errors Grow with Mounting Test Pressures K-12 Testing
May, 2006 SAT Scoring "Debacle" Undermines Test-Maker Credibility University Testing
May, 2006 Test Optional Admissions Movement University Testing
May, 2006 No "Pay for Performance" at Testing Companies University Testing
May, 2006 ETS Pays $11.1 Million to Settle Teacher Test Lawsuit Teacher & Employment Testing
November, 2005 Knox, Drew Go Test Optional University Testing
October, 2005 Researchers Call for Test Moratorium K-12 Testing