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A note on the Archive issues – up until 2005 Articles in the Examiner were dated as Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall. Post 2005 and for the purposes of searching on this website they are organized by the actual month they were published. When searching pre-2005 articles use the following key:

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Issue Title Subject
October, 2005 House Votes to Halt Head Start Test K-12 Testing
October, 2005 Cal. Exam Battle Continues K-12 Testing
October, 2005 Tennessee OKs Grad Test Appeals K-12 Testing
October, 2005 Problems Persist on Exit Exams K-12 Testing
October, 2005 Poll Shows Test Concerns Rising K-12 Testing
October, 2005 NCLB Opposition Grows, Work Remains K-12 Testing
October, 2005 Muddled NCLB Trends Reflect Efforts to Rescue Embattled Law K-12 Testing
October, 2005 NCLB: Ideology and Corruption? K-12 Testing
October, 2005 Performance-Based Assessment K-12 Testing
October, 2005 Childrens’ Books of Note K-12 Testing
October, 2005 FairTest: The Gold Standard K-12 Testing
October, 2005 NAEP Trend Reveals Failure and Success K-12 Testing
October, 2005 Connecticut Sues NCLB for Good Reasons K-12 Testing
October, 2005 GAO Finds Special Ed Gaps K-12 Testing
October, 2005 Worth Reading K-12 Testing
October, 2005 Errors and Cheating Allegations Proliferate K-12 Testing
October, 2005 GMAT, MCAT to Computerize K-12 Testing
October, 2005 U Cal Drops National Merit University Testing
October, 2005 Latest SAT, ACT Results Flat K-12 Testing
June, 2005 Surveys Show Public Supports FairTest's Goals K-12 Testing
June, 2005 Two Decades of Assessment Reform: Fairtest's Achievements Over Time FairTest News
June, 2005 Please Support FairTest! FairTest News
June, 2005 WA Parents Win Access K-12 Testing
June, 2005 NY Schools Win Test Variance K-12 Testing
June, 2005 FL to Make FCAT Public K-12 Testing
June, 2005 Cal. Exit Exam Fight Continues K-12 Testing
June, 2005 Arizona Adds Exit Exam Options K-12 Testing
June, 2005 CEP Reports on Exit Exams K-12 Testing
June, 2005 To Save NCLB, Feds Ease AYP K-12 Testing
June, 2005 Civil Rights Project Report on NCLB K-12 Testing
June, 2005 Multiple Measures for Graduation K-12 Testing
June, 2005 Forum Explores Test Alternatives K-12 Testing
June, 2005 GAO Slams Head Start Testing K-12 Testing
June, 2005 Mass. Board of Ed Adds Science to High-Stakes Tests K-12 Testing
June, 2005 Student Videos Air Exit Exam Opposition K-12 Testing
June, 2005 Report Shows Negative Impact of Testing K-12 Testing
April, 2005 Lawsuits Filed Against NCLB K-12 Testing
April, 2005 A Third Option is Necessary K-12 Testing
April, 2005 Reports Illuminate NCLB Debates K-12 Testing
April, 2005 Spellings Eases Cap K-12 Testing
April, 2005 Students Boycott Exit Exams K-12 Testing
April, 2005 Retention Reduces Dropouts? K-12 Testing
April, 2005 Bill to Halt Arizona Exam Blocked K-12 Testing
April, 2005 CA Grad Test Challenged K-12 Testing
April, 2005 Georgia Graduation Test K-12 Testing
April, 2005 Testing Culture Invades Lives of Young Children K-12 Testing
April, 2005 Using Performance Assessment to Improve Math Learning K-12 Testing
April, 2005 NYC Multiple Measures K-12 Testing
April, 2005 Curriculum Shrinks as Scores Rise K-12 Testing
April, 2005 Tougher Grad Tests? K-12 Testing
April, 2005 Test-Score Optional List Continues to Grow University Testing
April, 2005 The All “New” (Recycled) SAT University Testing
April, 2005 UC Challenges National Merit University Testing
April, 2005 SAT Copyright Redux University Testing
April, 2005 Biased Chicago Firefighter Test Teacher & Employment Testing
January, 2005 NCLB Resisters Emboldened by Breadth of Opposition K-12 Testing
January, 2005 Arizona Exit Exam Under Attack K-12 Testing
January, 2005 Florida Board Seeks More Retention K-12 Testing
January, 2005 What is Data Driven Reform K-12 Testing
January, 2005 “Accountability” Fails Latinos K-12 Testing
January, 2005 Testing Computerized Writing Exams (expanded) K-12 Testing
January, 2005 Educational Accountability with a Human Face K-12 Testing
January, 2005 Cheating Scandal Rocks Texas K-12 Testing
January, 2005 Queensland, Australia, “Rich Tasks” Assessment Program K-12 Testing
January, 2005 Contradictory International Test Scores K-12 Testing
January, 2005 What Next for NCLB? K-12 Testing
January, 2005 More Colleges Embrace Test-Optional Admissions University Testing
January, 2005 Test-Maker Greed Spurs “New” SAT University Testing
January, 2005 ETS Loses GMAT Contract University Testing
January, 2005 Teacher Score-Error Cases Advance Teacher & Employment Testing
January, 2005 Alabama Teacher Testing Resumes Teacher & Employment Testing
October, 2004 Ed., Civil Rights Groups Call for NCLB Changes K-12 Testing
October, 2004 New Zealand Accountability Model K-12 Testing
October, 2004 Cheating and Errors Continue K-12 Testing
October, 2004 Comprehending DIBELS K-12 Testing
October, 2004 Many Forms of NCLB Resistance K-12 Testing
October, 2004 Bush: More Testing, Budget Cuts and PR K-12 Testing
October, 2004 Tutoring Accountability Missing K-12 Testing
October, 2004 Regulatory Changes Cloud AYP K-12 Testing
October, 2004 What Will the Election Mean for NCLB? K-12 Testing
October, 2004 Colleges Reject “Writing” Test University Testing
October, 2004 Bates Study Lauds SAT-Optional University Testing
October, 2004 Two Faces of the College Board University Testing
October, 2004 Suits Filed Over Teacher Test Scoring Error Teacher & Employment Testing
October, 2004 College Board Seeks to Suppress Test Equity Charts University Testing
October, 2004 Polls Show Public Supports Key FairTest Positions K-12 Testing
October, 2004 Hard Work for What? A Student's View K-12 Testing
October, 2004 Warning: NCLB Side Effects K-12 Testing
May, 2004 Failing Our Children Calls for NCLB Alternative K-12 Testing
May, 2004 Failing Our Children: Executive Summary K-12 Testing
May, 2004 FairTest Launches Petition on NCLB K-12 Testing
May, 2004 Assessment to Support Learning K-12 Testing
May, 2004 Draft Principles for Authentic Accountability K-12 Testing
May, 2004 Real School Reform K-12 Testing
May, 2004 Feds Tinker with NCLB Regulations to Relieve Pressure K-12 Testing
May, 2004 Civil Rights, Brown, and NCLB K-12 Testing
May, 2004 NCLB Resistance Mushrooms K-12 Testing
May, 2004 NCLB Boosts Temptation to Cheat K-12 Testing
May, 2004 Recent Books on NCLB K-12 Testing
May, 2004 Torrent of Testing Errors K-12 Testing