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Issue Title Subject
June, 2002 Texas Report Shows “Test-Optional” Admission Works K-12 Testing
May, 2002 More Test Cheating K-12 Testing
April, 2002 Draft ESEA Regulations K-12 Testing
April, 2002 Nebraska and Maine Assessment Models K-12 Testing
April, 2002 Triggering ESEA Sanctions K-12 Testing
April, 2002 British Teachers Call for Boycott K-12 Testing
April, 2002 New York Test Boycott K-12 Testing
April, 2002 Students Skip Test K-12 Testing
April, 2002 Court Grants Injunction for Students with Disabilities K-12 Testing
April, 2002 Testing Hurts Latinos K-12 Testing
April, 2002 Scores on Mass. Transcripts? K-12 Testing
April, 2002 California Resistance Grows K-12 Testing
April, 2002 Arizona, New York Tests Made Open K-12 Testing
April, 2002 AEA Opposes High Stakes K-12 Testing
April, 2002 Study: Tests Don’t Improve Learning K-12 Testing
April, 2002 Students Criticize TAAS; Actions Planned K-12 Testing
April, 2002 “New” SAT Launched University Testing
April, 2002 Another “New, Improved” SAT? University Testing
April, 2002 ETS Closes Computer Testing Sites University Testing
April, 2002 New College Admissions Fact Sheet University Testing
April, 2002 NCAA May Reform Eligibility Rules University Testing
April, 2002 UC Moves Toward “Achievement” Tests K-12 Testing
April, 2002 Study: SAT Coaching Raises Scores University Testing
January, 2002 Florida Scholarship Bias Challenged University Testing
January, 2002 Civil Rights Groups Criticize University Admissions Exams University Testing
January, 2002 New University Fact Sheets University Testing
January, 2002 Dangerous Legislation Signed Into Law K-12 Testing
January, 2002 Provisions of the New Federal Law University Testing
January, 2002 Using Classroom-based Assessments for ESEA K-12 Testing
January, 2002 ESEA: What Should Activists Do? K-12 Testing
January, 2002 Poverty has a Powerful Impact on Educational Attainment, or, Don't Trust Ed Trust K-12 Testing
January, 2002 The Descriptive Review of the Child K-12 Testing
January, 2002 Testing Resistance & Backlash K-12 Testing
January, 2002 I.Q. Test Paradox Resolved K-12 Testing
January, 2002 Racial Impact of Testing K-12 Testing
January, 2002 Math Gaps Don’t Close on NAEP Tests K-12 Testing
January, 2002 Testing and Dropouts K-12 Testing
October, 2001 State Legislators and Governors Object to Fed. Testing Mandate K-12 Testing
October, 2001 NY Consortium Files Lawsuit K-12 Testing
October, 2001 Arizona and Alaska Delay Tests K-12 Testing
October, 2001 Rallies Protest Testing Agenda K-12 Testing
October, 2001 Learning Record Shows Promise For Accountability Uses K-12 Testing
October, 2001 Louisiana Parents Lose Appeal K-12 Testing
October, 2001 Questionable Cheating Allegations K-12 Testing
October, 2001 Polls Show Conflict, Opposition to Testing K-12 Testing
October, 2001 California Problems Intensify K-12 Testing
October, 2001 Miami Teacher's Oppose FCAT K-12 Testing
October, 2001 Video - Echoes in the Hallway K-12 Testing
October, 2001 Indiana Board Adopts Test-based Accountability K-12 Testing
October, 2001 Opposition to Bush-Congress Annual Testing Requirement Grows K-12 Testing
October, 2001 Test Score Abuse Blocks College Access University Testing
October, 2001 Annual Admissions Test Score Folly University Testing
October, 2001 New SAT I Study Reveals Exam’s Limitations University Testing
October, 2001 College Admissions Testing: The Real Beneficiaries K-12 Testing
October, 2001 Another GMAT Scoring Snafu University Testing
October, 2001 Teacher Test Scoring Flunks Teacher & Employment Testing
June, 2001 National Testing Plan Faces Challenges K-12 Testing
June, 2001 Testing Related Lawsuits Filed K-12 Testing
June, 2001 Another Wisconsin Victory K-12 Testing
June, 2001 School Rankings Resemble Lottery K-12 Testing
June, 2001 Michigan Reduces Test Consequences K-12 Testing
June, 2001 More Errors Plague Testing K-12 Testing
June, 2001 Testing and Civil Rights K-12 Testing
June, 2001 NEA Opposes High Stakes Testing K-12 Testing
June, 2001 Poll: Parents Question Testing K-12 Testing
June, 2001 SAT I: A Faulty Crystal Ball University Testing
June, 2001 Texas Reduces Graduate Exam Score Emphasis University Testing
June, 2001 GMAT Error Hurts Applicants - Test-Takers Not Told of Mistake for 10 Months University Testing
June, 2001 Reports Blast Teacher Tests Teacher & Employment Testing
April, 2001 Testing Protests Expand Across the Nation K-12 Testing
April, 2001 Bush's National Testing Plan Nears Passage K-12 Testing
April, 2001 Bush Testing Opponents Speak Out K-12 Testing
April, 2001 Can Bush Testing Plan Be Stopped? K-12 Testing
April, 2001 NAEP Results Show Testing Mania Failing K-12 Testing
April, 2001 Learning Versus Tests University Testing
April, 2001 Protests, Problems Force States to Reconsider High-Stakes Testing K-12 Testing
April, 2001 Civil Rights Complaint Refiled K-12 Testing
April, 2001 Milwaukee School Board Election K-12 Testing
April, 2001 NC Coalition Opposes Test Misuse K-12 Testing
April, 2001 Misclassified Students K-12 Testing
April, 2001 Trusting Teacher Judgment K-12 Testing
April, 2001 Worth Reading K-12 Testing
April, 2001 Overemphasis on SAT Sparks UC Proposal to Drop Test Requirement University Testing
April, 2001 College Board Challenged to Crack Down on SAT Abuses University Testing
April, 2001 College Board Unclear On What Its Own Test Measures University Testing
January, 2001 California Teacher Test Upheld by Federal Appeals Court Teacher & Employment Testing
January, 2001 Test Added to OH Licensing Requirements Teacher & Employment Testing
January, 2001 Let Them Eat Tests K-12 Testing
January, 2001 More States Retreat from Testing K-12 Testing
January, 2001 Massachusetts Exam Under Attack K-12 Testing
January, 2001 Student Drawings K-12 Testing
January, 2001 Quality Counts Questions Testing K-12 Testing
January, 2001 California LEP Lawsuit Settled K-12 Testing
January, 2001 Wisconsin Parents Restart Campaign K-12 Testing
January, 2001 Testing Flubs - Again K-12 Testing
January, 2001 Suit alleges retaliation for complaints on testing policy K-12 Testing
January, 2001 Things to Do to Stop Bush’s Testing Plan K-12 Testing
January, 2001 Enhancing Equity and Excellence at Public Universities University Testing
January, 2001 Admissions Alternatives at Large Public Universities University Testing
November, 2000 Worth Reading K-12 Testing