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Issue Title Subject
October, 2000 Parents Win Victory in Chicago K-12 Testing
October, 2000 Chicago’s ERA Plan K-12 Testing
October, 2000 George Schmidt Fired K-12 Testing
October, 2000 Chicago Retention Policy Still a Failure K-12 Testing
October, 2000 High Stakes vs. Democracy K-12 Testing
October, 2000 Musick Calls for Test Openness K-12 Testing
October, 2000 Polls Show Skepticism about Tests K-12 Testing
October, 2000 Focus Group Research Confirms Poll Results K-12 Testing
October, 2000 New Graduate School Test University Testing
October, 2000 Computerized GRE Scoring Errors University Testing
October, 2000 GRE Offers Cynical, Expensive Partial Disclosure Plan University Testing
October, 2000 Act To Make Alabama Teacher Test? University Testing
October, 2000 Teacher Test Cheating University Testing
October, 2000 All Illinois And Colorado Students Forced To Take ACT University Testing
October, 2000 Arkansas Sued For Scholarship Bias University Testing
June, 2000 More Test-score Optional Progress University Testing
June, 2000 Parents Battle Georgia County Test K-12 Testing
June, 2000 Score Delays Paralyze Planning K-12 Testing
June, 2000 AERA Warns Against High-Stakes Test Use K-12 Testing
June, 2000 Surveys Show Public Questions Testing K-12 Testing
June, 2000 Value Added, Value Lost? K-12 Testing
June, 2000 Michigan Suit Seeks End to Test Based Scholarships K-12 Testing
June, 2000 LSAT: A Testing “Poll Tax” on Minority Law School Applicants University Testing
June, 2000 Int’l Drug Sales Exec. to Head ETS University Testing
June, 2000 Dockworkers Stop Irrelevant Test Teacher & Employment Testing
June, 2000 Another Defeat for MMPI Psychological Test Teacher & Employment Testing
June, 2000 Blind Test-Takers Win Accommodations Teacher & Employment Testing
April, 2000 Congress Asked to Rein in High-Stakes Tests K-12 Testing
April, 2000 Test Opposition Heats up in Massachusetts K-12 Testing
April, 2000 Conference Challenges Testing K-12 Testing
April, 2000 Testing Reform Strategy Meeting K-12 Testing
April, 2000 Resistance Grows in Many States K-12 Testing
April, 2000 Tests Leaked in Georgia K-12 Testing
April, 2000 Denver Principal Resigns in Protest K-12 Testing
April, 2000 High-Stakes Tests Delayed K-12 Testing
April, 2000 Judge Orders Disclosure of AZ Test K-12 Testing
April, 2000 High-Stakes Tests: A Harsh Agenda for America's Children K-12 Testing
April, 2000 Changes in Pennsylvania K-12 Testing
April, 2000 News from Nebraska and Virginia K-12 Testing
April, 2000 AFT Leader Opposes Sole Reliance on Tests K-12 Testing
April, 2000 Deb Meier Book K-12 Testing
April, 2000 Mount Holyoke Goes "SAT Option" University Testing
April, 2000 More Colleges Embrace Test-Score Optional Admissions University Testing
April, 2000 Test Score Use and Affirmative Action Bans University Testing
April, 2000 Helpful Resources for Admissions Reviews University Testing
April, 2000 California Teacher Testing Teacher & Employment Testing
April, 2000 Teacher Tests: Research vs. Politics Teacher & Employment Testing
January, 2000 Chicago Cheating? K-12 Testing
January, 2000 Chicago Students Protest CASE Test K-12 Testing
January, 2000 Court Rules for High-Stakes Testing K-12 Testing
January, 2000 Florida Teachers Refuse Bonuses For High Test Scores K-12 Testing
January, 2000 NCTE & IRA Oppose High-stakes Testing K-12 Testing
January, 2000 News From the States K-12 Testing
January, 2000 Parents File OCR Complaint K-12 Testing
January, 2000 Racial Bias Built into Tests K-12 Testing
January, 2000 State Scholarships Based on Test Scores K-12 Testing
January, 2000 Test-Based Grade Retention Program Fails in Chicago K-12 Testing
January, 2000 Testing Public Opinion K-12 Testing
January, 2000 The Classroom Impact of TAAS K-12 Testing
January, 2000 LSAT Advertises "Equity," Promotes Discrimination University Testing
January, 2000 Setback for NCAA Discrimination Case K-12 Testing
January, 2000 U.S. Ed. Dept. Reasserts Test-Misuse Warning University Testing
January, 2000 What Do SAT-I Reading Items Measure University Testing
January, 2000 Must-reading for Assessment Reformers General Testing
January, 2000 New Testing Standards Released General Testing
October, 1999 Arizona Parents Sue Test K-12 Testing
October, 1999 CA Teachers Assail Math Test K-12 Testing
October, 1999 Massachusetts Reformers Propose Authentic Assessment System K-12 Testing
October, 1999 Major Latino Groups Condemn High-Stakes Testing K-12 Testing
October, 1999 No Safety in Numbers K-12 Testing
October, 1999 NY City Changes Retention Policy K-12 Testing
October, 1999 State and District News K-12 Testing
October, 1999 The Case Against TAAS K-12 Testing
October, 1999 WI Parents Win Changes to Test K-12 Testing
October, 1999 Worth Reading K-12 Testing
October, 1999 Academy of Science Committees Warn Against SAT/ACT Misuse University Testing
October, 1999 ETS Cancels Faulty Computerized Test Scores University Testing
October, 1999 NCAA Defends Test-Score Cutoffs University Testing
October, 1999 SAT Gender Gap Grows Again University Testing
October, 1999 "Strivers" Debate Highlights SAT Flaws University Testing
October, 1999 Texas Undergrad Minority Enrollment Rebounds University Testing
October, 1999 Worth Reading University Testing
June, 1999 WI Legislature Acts Against High Stakes Tests K-12 Testing
June, 1999 California Testing Wins "Most Appalling News" K-12 Testing
June, 1999 States Adopt Test-Based Promotion Policies International Testing
June, 1999 Chicago Students Stop Test Misuse K-12 Testing
June, 1999 Report Criticizes NC Tests K-12 Testing
June, 1999 News From the States K-12 Testing
June, 1999 Massachusetts Boycotts K-12 Testing
June, 1999 How Wisconsin Parents Worked to Roll Back High Stakes Testing K-12 Testing
June, 1999 How Strong is Support for Testing? K-12 Testing
June, 1999 Worth Reading K-12 Testing
June, 1999 Federal Standards for Standardized Tests University Testing
June, 1999 PSAT Revisions Further Narrow Gender Gap University Testing
June, 1999 SAT Scoring Snafus University Testing
June, 1999 ETS Finances: Fat Salaries at The Top, Cutbacks at the Bottom University Testing
June, 1999 Mass. Teacher Test Blasted Again Teacher & Employment Testing
June, 1999 Boycott Threatened International Testing
June, 1999 Testing Craziness in Mexico International Testing
April, 1999 Adults Flunk K-12 Student Tests K-12 Testing