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Issue Title Subject
April, 1999 BIA Adopts Learning Record K-12 Testing
April, 1999 Chicago World Studies CASE Questions K-12 Testing
April, 1999 Cheating on the Rise K-12 Testing
April, 1999 Disability Lawsuit in Oregon K-12 Testing
April, 1999 The Impact of Testing in Michigan K-12 Testing
April, 1999 NCTE Resolution on Testing K-12 Testing
April, 1999 New Learning Record Handbooks K-12 Testing
April, 1999 No Exit? K-12 Testing
April, 1999 Parents Lead Assessment Reform Efforts K-12 Testing
April, 1999 Riverside Splits Hairs to Defend Profits K-12 Testing
April, 1999 Secrecy and Civil Disobedience K-12 Testing
April, 1999 Stifling Dissent in Chicago K-12 Testing
April, 1999 More Student Boycotts K-12 Testing
April, 1999 Worth Reading K-12 Testing
April, 1999 Civil Rights Groups Sue Berkeley for Test-Score Discrimination University Testing
April, 1999 Gender Bias Victory Wins Millions for Females But National Merit Test Remains Biased University Testing
April, 1999 NCAA Decision -- Test Scores Do Not Measure Merit University Testing
April, 1999 GRE Shift to Computer-Only Administration May Stall University Testing
January, 1999 New Mass. Teachers' Test Fails Professional Standards Teacher & Employment Testing
January, 1999 Arizona Test Delayed K-12 Testing
January, 1999 Test-Scoring Error K-12 Testing
January, 1999 Race-Based Admissions to Boston Schools Blocked K-12 Testing
January, 1999 Educators Give Low Marks to State Test K-12 Testing
January, 1999 Test, and Test Again K-12 Testing
January, 1999 Testing Boycott Continues in Michigan K-12 Testing
January, 1999 Chicago Activists Slam Tests K-12 Testing
January, 1999 Summary of CRESST Research K-12 Testing
January, 1999 The Value of Formative Assessment K-12 Testing
January, 1999 NAEP Levels Found To Be Flawed K-12 Testing
January, 1999 Cheating in NYC? K-12 Testing
January, 1999 Worth Reading K-12 Testing
January, 1999 ACT Tests Computerized Exam University Testing
January, 1999 California to Reduce SAT Emphasis University Testing
January, 1999 Computer to Grade GMAT Essays University Testing
October, 1998 National Research Council Criticizes High-Stakes Testing K-12 Testing
October, 1998 Most Appalling News Contest FairTest News
October, 1998 National Test Defeated K-12 Testing
October, 1998 N.C. Teachers Criticize Tests K-12 Testing
October, 1998 Surviving Standardized K-12 Testing
October, 1998 Stanford 9 Score Drop K-12 Testing
October, 1998 Texas Parents Denied Injunction K-12 Testing
October, 1998 Tests and Grade Retention K-12 Testing
October, 1998 "Test Score Optional" Admissions Enhances Equity and Excellence University Testing
October, 1998 Reducing Test Score Emphasis for Grad. School Applicants University Testing
October, 1998 SAT-Based Scholarship Programs Exclude African Americans University Testing
October, 1998 California Taxpayers to Fund Test Coaching University Testing
October, 1998 N.Y. Truth-in-Testing Requirements Extended University Testing
October, 1998 SAT Gender Gap Grows Again University Testing
October, 1998 LSAT Results Undermine Undergraduate Achievement for Minority Law School Applicants University Testing
October, 1998 ETS Loses Another "Cheating" Case University Testing
October, 1998 NCAA Rejects Change in Test Score Use University Testing
October, 1998 Closing the Black-White Test Score Gap General Testing
June, 1998 North Carolina Lawmakers Alter Testing Plan Teacher & Employment Testing
June, 1998 National Testing Roadblocks Continue K-12 Testing
June, 1998 Diversity in Admissions Upheld K-12 Testing
June, 1998 California Testing Battle K-12 Testing
June, 1998 Ohio Court Opens Tests to Public K-12 Testing
June, 1998 North Carolina Test Case Settled K-12 Testing
June, 1998 Kentucky to Develop New System K-12 Testing
June, 1998 Equating Was Real Problem With Kentucky Performance Events K-12 Testing
June, 1998 Reforming Tests for Classrooms and Accountability K-12 Testing
June, 1998 New Book For Parents Explains Assessent K-12 Testing
June, 1998 Portfolios, Assessment and Equity K-12 Testing
June, 1998 Trends Show Improvement in Testing Young Children K-12 Testing
June, 1998 Texas Parents Sue Over Test Misuse K-12 Testing
June, 1998 Texas 'Top 10%' Law Helps Increase Minority Enrollment University Testing
June, 1998 NCAA Reviews Test Score Requirements University Testing
June, 1998 NCAA Settles With Justice Department University Testing
June, 1998 Research Confirms Harmful Impact of SAT Gender Bias University Testing
June, 1998 TOEFL Moves to Computerized Format University Testing
June, 1998 Testing the Disabled University Testing
June, 1998 Join the Assessment Reform E-Mail Discussion K-12 Testing
April, 1998 Mismeasure of Man Revised General Testing
April, 1998 Racism, Eugenics and Testing -- Again General Testing
April, 1998 Huge Drop in Blacks, Latinos Admitted to U.Cal. University Testing
April, 1998 Science Leader Criticizes Tests University Testing
April, 1998 Testing Admissions Tests University Testing
April, 1998 NCAA Test Score Requirements Hurt Minority, Low-Income Student-Athletes University Testing
April, 1998 High-Flying Test Fees University Testing
April, 1998 ETS Turns Fifty University Testing
April, 1998 College Admissions Test Scores By Family Income: 1997 University Testing
April, 1998 N.C. Teachers Sue Over State Test Teacher & Employment Testing
April, 1998 Guest Essay: Maybe You Wouldn't Want Me to Teach Your Child Teacher & Employment Testing
April, 1998 Weak Tests Drive Math, Science Curricula K-12 Testing
April, 1998 Join the Assessment Reform E-Mail Discussion K-12 Testing
April, 1998 Court Cases Loom Over California Tests K-12 Testing
April, 1998 NEA Resolution K-12 Testing
April, 1998 Test Use Intensifies in Colorado, Texas K-12 Testing
April, 1998 National Testing on Hold, NAEP Reauthorization Starts K-12 Testing
April, 1998 School Administrators to Oppose National Tests K-12 Testing
January, 1998 High-Stakes Tests Do Not Improve Learning K-12 Testing
January, 1998 National Testing Debate to Resume K-12 Testing
January, 1998 Collaborating to Improve Portfolio Use K-12 Testing
January, 1998 Assessment Reform In Action In Milwaukee K-12 Testing
January, 1998 California Adopts Regressive Testing Program K-12 Testing
January, 1998 Teacher Boycott K-12 Testing
January, 1998 Hopwood, Prop. 209 Fallout Spurs Admission Reforms University Testing
January, 1998 Gender Gap Narrows on Revised PSAT University Testing
January, 1998 Average PSAT Test Scores University Testing
January, 1998 Sample PSAT Item University Testing