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Issue Title Subject
January, 1998 1998 NCAA Convention University Testing
January, 1998 Mississippi Desegregation Case University Testing
January, 1998 Rush To Computerize GMAT Hurts Students University Testing
January, 1998 Teacher Testing Increases Teacher & Employment Testing
October, 1997 Congress Puts Clinton Test Plan on Hold K-12 Testing
October, 1997 Kentucky's Assessment Program K-12 Testing
October, 1997 Texas Test Sued in Federal Court K-12 Testing
October, 1997 Chicago Exemplifies Test Overkill K-12 Testing
October, 1997 FairTest Featured in Kappan Issue, Video K-12 Testing
October, 1997 N.C. Lawsuit Charges Test K-12 Testing
October, 1997 Measurement Driven Instruction K-12 Testing
October, 1997 Affirmative Action Ban Aids University Testing
October, 1997 SAT, ACT Gender Gaps University Testing
October, 1997 ACT Scores 1997 University Testing
October, 1997 ETS Gender Bias Report a "Smokescreen" University Testing
October, 1997 American Bar Assoc. Considers University Testing
June, 1997 State Assessment Systems Need Major Reforms K-12 Testing
June, 1997 Testing at Center of New York City School Equity Controversies K-12 Testing
June, 1997 Battle over National Exams Likely This Fall K-12 Testing
June, 1997 Computer Software, K-12 K-12 Testing
June, 1997 How the States Scored K-12 Testing
June, 1997 Testing Our Children: Findings and Recommendations K-12 Testing
June, 1997 Federal Court Rejects ACT-Based Scholarships University Testing
June, 1997 Texas Trumps Hopwood -- Is California Next? University Testing
June, 1997 LSAT Optional School Reaction to Hopwood University Testing
June, 1997 ACT/SAT Optional Colleges List Soars to 280 University Testing
June, 1997 Worth Reading University Testing
June, 1997 Revised PSAT Debuts in October University Testing
April, 1997 Clinton Continues Push for National Tests K-12 Testing
April, 1997 Michigan Students Boycott Exam K-12 Testing
April, 1997 Maine Develops Good Assessment System K-12 Testing
April, 1997 Costs, Values and Uses of Performance Assessment K-12 Testing
April, 1997 Worth Reading: Assessment Issues K-12 Testing
April, 1997 New York City, Georgia Reduce Importance of IQ Scores in Gifted Programs K-12 Testing
April, 1997 Hopwood, Proposition 209, and Beyond University Testing
April, 1997 NCAA Considers New Test Score Rule University Testing
April, 1997 GMAT To Fully Computerize University Testing
April, 1997 New Paradigms for Assessment University Testing
April, 1997 CBEST Decision Appealed Teacher & Employment Testing
April, 1997 Plumbers Licensing -- A Case Study Teacher & Employment Testing
January, 1997 Clinton Proposes National Exam, Again K-12 Testing
January, 1997 Board Critiques Use of IQ Tests K-12 Testing
January, 1997 Beloit Uses Principles in District Assessment K-12 Testing
January, 1997 Quality Counts: Analysis of the Report K-12 Testing
January, 1997 NAEYC Reaffirms Testing Concerns K-12 Testing
January, 1997 Testing and Motivation Studied K-12 Testing
January, 1997 Law Journal Backs Exam Disclosure University Testing
January, 1997 Race Discrimination Lawsuit Filed AgainstNCAA Test-Score Rules University Testing
January, 1997 NCAA Adopts Minor Prop. 16 Reforms University Testing
January, 1997 ETS and Test Cheating University Testing
January, 1997 SAT-Math Gender Bias: Causes & Consequences University Testing
January, 1997 Researchers Refute the Bell Curve General Testing
January, 1997 Open Admissions at CUNY: Review University Testing
October, 1996 Tidal Wave of Testing Grows But Reform Efforts Continue K-12 Testing
October, 1996 Protests Against Teaching in Mexico K-12 Testing
October, 1996 Kentucky Portfolio Scoring Improves K-12 Testing
October, 1996 Principles in Action K-12 Testing
October, 1996 English Teachers Call for Testing Changes K-12 Testing
October, 1996 Principals Agree Standardized Tests Are Inadequate Measures K-12 Testing
October, 1996 Worth Reading: K-12 K-12 Testing
October, 1996 Test-Makers to Revise Nat. Merit Exam to Address Gender Bias - FairTest Complaint Will Lead to Millions More for Girls University Testing
October, 1996 ACT & SAT Scores Remain Stable University Testing
October, 1996 Test-Makers Dodge Legal Implications University Testing
October, 1996 CBEST Plaintiffs to Appeal Teacher & Employment Testing
October, 1996 Louisiana State Police Exam to be Replaced Under Agreement with Justice Department Teacher & Employment Testing
October, 1996 New Employment Testing Reference Teacher & Employment Testing
October, 1996 Computer Tests to Be Covered by Disclosure Law General Testing
October, 1996 Test-Takers "Rights": More of the Same General Testing
June, 1996 CT Cheating Case Reveals Test Mania K-12 Testing
June, 1996 New Thinking on Accountability K-12 Testing
June, 1996 Corporate Group Calls for National Test K-12 Testing
June, 1996 NAEP Redesign Plan Increases Testing K-12 Testing
June, 1996 Politics Slows Mass. Assessment Changes K-12 Testing
June, 1996 PLR/CLR in Use K-12 Testing
June, 1996 Test Score Bias Unexamined in Hopwood Case University Testing
June, 1996 Muhlenberg Drops SAT Requirement University Testing
June, 1996 Florida "Rising Junior" Test Biased University Testing
June, 1996 College Board Defends Profits University Testing
June, 1996 NY State Extends Truth-In-Testing Legislation to Computerized Testing University Testing
June, 1996 Complaint Filed Against Teacher Test Teacher & Employment Testing
June, 1996 Rhode Island ACLU Defeats Employment Testing Requirement Teacher & Employment Testing
June, 1996 Test Cheating: A Worldwide Phenomenon General Testing
April, 1996 President Warned of Testing Dangers K-12 Testing
April, 1996 The Primary Learning Record K-12 Testing
April, 1996 National Testing Resumes in Britain K-12 Testing
April, 1996 "Dimensions" Portfolio K-12 Testing
April, 1996 Future of Mass. Ed. Reform Unclear K-12 Testing
April, 1996 FairTest Denounces NAEP Plans for More Multiple-Choice Testing K-12 Testing
April, 1996 Tests Misused for Enrichment Program Admissions University Testing
April, 1996 Test Use Controversy Continues in Mississippi Desegregation Case University Testing
April, 1996 State SAT Scores Reflect Spending University Testing
April, 1996 LSAT May Be Computerized University Testing
April, 1996 ETS Creates For-Profit Spinoff University Testing
April, 1996 U.S. Sues NYC Over Custodian Tests Teacher & Employment Testing
April, 1996 CBEST Trial Postponed Till Summer Teacher & Employment Testing
January, 1996 1998 Nat'l Merit Competition Remains Gender Biased University Testing
November, 1995 A Test Cannot Measure My Mind General Testing
October, 1995 National Forum Releases Principles and Indicators K-12 Testing
October, 1995 New Federal Legislation K-12 Testing
October, 1995 Work Sampling System K-12 Testing