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Issue Title Subject
October, 1995 Principles and Indicators Summary K-12 Testing
October, 1995 Partial List of Signers of Principles and Indicators K-12 Testing
October, 1995 Authentic Assessment in Action Shows Principles Can Be Implemented K-12 Testing
October, 1995 Worth Reading: K-12 K-12 Testing
October, 1995 NCAA Rejects Reform Proposals University Testing
October, 1995 SAT, ACT Bias Persist University Testing
October, 1995 Stereotypes Lower Test Scores University Testing
October, 1995 ETS Plans "New" GRE University Testing
October, 1995 Hartwick College Goes Test Optional University Testing
October, 1995 Southern Education Foundation Report Cites Test Misuse as a Cause of Segregation University Testing
October, 1995 SAT, ACT Average Scores University Testing
October, 1995 ETS Loses Cheating Arbitration University Testing
October, 1995 GRE Average Scores 1991-92 University Testing
October, 1995 SAT II "Achievement" Tests Are Not a Better Option University Testing
October, 1995 Ten Years of Progress Toward Assessment Reform General Testing
October, 1995 Computerized Testing, Coaching Rapidly Expanding General Testing
June, 1995 Assessment Principles Completed K-12 Testing
June, 1995 PLR/CLR as Large-Scale Assessment K-12 Testing
June, 1995 New Standards Project K-12 Testing
June, 1995 Exit Test Lowers Graduation Rate in Cleveland K-12 Testing
June, 1995 Equity Challenges in NSP Assessments K-12 Testing
June, 1995 SAT Scores Hurt Berkeley Women University Testing
June, 1995 Test-Optional Succeeds University Testing
June, 1995 Prop. 48/16 Gender Bias University Testing
June, 1995 Irreparable Harm? GRE's Real Policy on Test Item Reuse University Testing
June, 1995 ETS' "Comedy" of Arrogance University Testing
June, 1995 NCAA Group Proposes New Test-Optional Eligibility Rule University Testing
June, 1995 Performance Assessment for Teachers Teacher & Employment Testing
June, 1995 NYC Teachers Protest Exam Teacher & Employment Testing
June, 1995 Bar Exam to Add Performance Test Teacher & Employment Testing
June, 1995 Test Flunks Experienced Van Drivers Teacher & Employment Testing
June, 1995 Truth-In-Testing Vetoed for Bar Teacher & Employment Testing
June, 1995 CBEST Goes to Trial Teacher & Employment Testing
June, 1995 Federal Judge Questions Truth-In-Testing Constitutionality General Testing
June, 1995 Test Scores Are Not "Merit" General Testing
June, 1995 Computerized Truth-in-Testing Blocked in NY Assembly General Testing
April, 1995 MD Performance Assessment Update K-12 Testing
April, 1995 District-Level NAEP? K-12 Testing
April, 1995 Assessment at International High School K-12 Testing
April, 1995 Indiana Alters State Tests K-12 Testing
April, 1995 Schools, Tests, Inequality (NYPIRG/NY) K-12 Testing
April, 1995 National Merit Awards Again Biased Toward Boys University Testing
April, 1995 Mississippi Desegregation Case University Testing
April, 1995 ACT Allows Calculators for LD Students University Testing
April, 1995 NCAA Eligibility Debate Continues University Testing
April, 1995 Citizens' Scholarship Foundation Does it Right University Testing
April, 1995 Medical Licensing Exam Biased Teacher & Employment Testing
April, 1995 Idaho Drops Teacher Test Teacher & Employment Testing
April, 1995 Testing Pro Football Players Teacher & Employment Testing
April, 1995 Accountants' Exam Goes Secret Teacher & Employment Testing
April, 1995 Exam Makers Sue To Dismantle Truth-In-Testing General Testing