Opportunities Lie Ahead

FairTest News

FairTest Examiner, May 2010

These are exciting, challenging and difficult times.

Exciting because more and more colleges are becoming test score optional, and because Congress is working seriously at rewriting “No Child Left Behind” and may – just may – make some major positive changes in the law. Exciting too because FairTest has many allies working with us to bring sanity to testing policies.

Challenging because most major universities still balk at test-score optional policies; because many in Congress and certainly the Obama-Duncan administration still believe in NCLB’s test and punish framework; and because school “reform” has been widely defined as attacking teachers and imposing teach-to-the-test regimes in schools serving low-income and minority-group youth.

Difficult because we are a very small group fighting powerful, entrenched forces backed by billionaires, major corporate groups, much of the media, and of course well-heeled testing companies.

To continue our work in this David vs Goliath situation, we seek your support. An accumulation of modest donations really does make a difference, both directly and because your help signals to other donors and foundations that there is a community of people who care about FairTest, its mission and its work.

Thank you.