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Source of up-to-date information on testing reform. Includes updates on state and federal legislation, reports on test misuse and efforts to stop it and profiles of promising new assessment systems. Covers school, university and employment testing.

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K-12 Testing

Failing Our Children, How “No Child Left Behind” Undermines Quality and Equity in Education and An Accountability Model that Supports School Improvement by Monty Neill, EdD., Lisa Guisbond and Bob Schaeffer with James Madison and Life Legeros (FairTest, May 2004: 176pp)…$30: Summary Report (28pp) $10. Online in PDF.

Testing Our Children: Executive Summary (FairTest, 1997: 40 pp) … $10; 5 for $40
This study evaluates how well K-12 assessment systems in all 50 states support and help improve student learning. The report finds that a small number of states have implemented sound assessment practices, but that two-thirds of state assessment systems need major improvements or a complete overhaul. The Executive Summary provides an overview of the findings.

Implementing Performance Assessments: A Guide to Classroom, School and System Reform by FairTest staff (FairTest, 1995: 56 pp.) … $6; 5 for $25; 10 for $40; 25 for $75; 50 for $125; 100 for $175.
Concise guide for teachers, administrators and others interested in using performance assessments in their classrooms and school systems. Provides descriptions, examples and practical advice on projects, exhibitions, observations, interviews, performance exams and portfolios. Includes tips for getting started and extensive resource sections.

Standardized Tests and Our Children: A Guide to Testing Reform by FairTest staff (FairTest, 1991: 32 pp.) … $4; 5 for $15; 10 for $20; 50 for $50; 100 for $75. Different editions can be combined for bulk prices.
First easy-to-read guide to testing for parents, teachers, administrators and activists. Addresses problems and misuses of standardized tests, defines testing terms, outlines parents’ rights and gives tips for organizing. English and Spanish versions, and NY state edition, available.

Principles and Indicators for Student Assessment Systems by the National Forum on Assessment. (FairTest, 1995: 36 pp.) … $10; 10 for $80; 50 for $350; 100 for $600.
Drafted by a coalition of education and civil rights organizations to guide reform of assessment practices at all levels, from the classroom to large-scale accountability exams. Each of seven principles includes a list of detailed “indicators” to evaluate assessment systems.

Fallout From the Testing Explosion: How 100 Million Standardized Exams Undermine Equity and Excellence in America’s Public Schools by Noe Medina and Monty Neill, 3rd ed. (FairTest, 1990: 77 pp.) … $12.00
Comprehensive study of the 100 million standardized tests administered each year to U.S. public school students. Concludes that many tests are inaccurate or biased against minority and low-income students, and that relying on standardized tests to make decisions results in worse, not better, education. Extensive annotated bibliography.

University Testing

Test Scores Do Not Equal Merit:
Enhancing Equity & Excellence in College Admissions By Deemphasizing SAT and ACT Results
by Charles Rooney with Bob Schaeffer and the FairTest staff (FairTest, 1998: 77 pp.) … $12.00

Shows benefits of making test scores optional in college admissions. Draws on case studies of five diverse institutions and lists steps necessary for colleges to implement test-optional admissions policies. Includes SAT fact sheet, SAT gender bias fact sheet and list of more than 280 four-year institutions that have deemphasized test scores in admissions.

The SAT Coaching Coverup by Sarah Stockwell, Bob Schaeffer and Jeffrey Lowenstein (FairTest, 1991: 48 pp.) … $10.00
Analyzes research proving that good test preparation programs raise average scores by 100 points or more. Explores how this reinforces the harmful biases of the SAT and calls into question the testmakers’ claims that the exam measures real knowledge gained over time.

The Reign of ETS: The Corporation that Makes Up Minds by Allan Nairn and Ralph Nader (Center for the Study of Responsive Law, 1980: 550 pp.) … $30.00
Expose of the Educational Testing Service and the power it wields. Includes examples of testing abuse and a good history of the development of the SAT and related products.

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