Teacher Testing

For material on the use of student test scores to evaluate school teachers and administrators, including "value added measurement," see k-12/teachers This page focuses on tests administered to teachers and prospective teachers. 

Accompanying the increased focus on student testing in the schools, some states, including Massachusetts, are rushing to test prospective and currently employed teachers. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to support the claim that standardized tests predict who will be a good teacher. The teacher tests in Massachusetts and New York were developed by National Evaluation Systems, the same company that created the controversial and doomed Alabama teacher test more than ten years ago.

In 1987, the first issue of FairTest's newsletter, the Examiner reported on a legal victory won by four black teachers in their lawsuit against the state of Alabama.

Their suit charged that the state's teacher-certification exam discriminated against blacks, violating their 14th Amendment protections and federal civil rights laws. In an out-of-court settlement, subsequently upheld by the U.S. Court of Appeals, the State Board of Education in Alabama agreed to develop new tests and not to use the test as the sole criterion for certification. The state also agreed to pay the plaintiffs $500,000.

In 1989, we reported on the devastating impact on minority teachers of the use of cut scores on teacher competency tests.

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April 2006: Settlement Reached in PRAXIS PLT 7-12 Scorring Error Lawsuit. For details, seehttp://www.ppltclaims.com/

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