SAT Scoring Error 2006

* FairTest Examiner: SAT Scoring “Debacle” Undermines Test-Maker Credibility

* FairTest Testimony on SAT Scoring Error

* Test-Maker’s Review Of SAT Scoring Error Overdue

* FairTest Reaction to the College Board Report on the SAT Error.

* Twenty Unanswered Questions about the SAT Scoring Error Nine and a half months after scores on more than 4,400 SAT exams were wrongly
calculated, some by as much as 450 points, the College Board has promised to release a long-delayed report investigating the scoring error by Monday, July 24. FairTest notes twenty major questions about the error, its causes and consequences, which have still not been answered.

* FairTest applauds the New York State Senate Committee on Higher Education for serving the College Board with a subpoena for a consultant’s report analyzing the recent SAT scoring error. More than 4,500 test-takers were impacted by the erroneous SAT results, which were not disclosed for five months.
* Text of the Subpoena.

* Text of testimony given to the NY State Senate by FairTest’s Robert Schaeffer on the recent SAT Scoring Error